October 15, 1917

International Aircraft Standards

Technical Reports of the S. A. E. Standards Committee

Means of Obtaining High Volumetric Efficiency for Aviation Engines


International Aircraft Standards

The International Aircraft Standards Board, which since the end of July has been holding meetings at the Bureau of Standards, Washington, D. C., for the purpose of standardizing aircraft material specification for purchases of the Allied Governments in this country, has commenced to issue the “International Aircraft Standards” that have been adopted.

Technical Reports of the S. A. E. Standards Committee

At the sessions of the Society of Automotive Engineers, Aeronautical Standards Committee, held on Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 at the Bureau of Standards, a number of standards for airplane fittings was reported and discussed. The meeting, which was called at the request of the Aircraft Production Board of the Council of National Defense, was opened Sunday with C. F. Clarkson, general manager of the S. A. E. in the chair.

Means of Obtaining High Volumetric Efficiency for Aviation Engines

Although it is at the present time impossible to give any definite rules and regulations in regard to design of valves, intake and exhaust ports of airplane engines, a few general facts may be stated which have been found during the latest developments in this country and abroad.

Digest of the Foreign Aeronautical Press

On an Aeronautical Library.—The paucity of really good books on aeronautics is somewhat remarkable at first to the outsider, who has got beyond the elementary error of supposing that the history of aeronautics started a few years ago only.

News of the Fortnight

Brig. Gen. George O. Squier, Chief Signal Officer, U. S. A., was promoted on Oct. 5 to be a major-general. General Squier was born in Dryden, Mich., on March 21, 1865. He graduated from West Point in 1887 and was made a second-lieutenant in the Third Artillery.

Determination of the Moments of Inertia of An Airplane

The sum of the products of the mass of each elementary part of a body and the square of its distance from a given axis is called the moment of inertia of the body about that axis. In the case of the solid, there are always three rectangular axes passing through any particular point, about each of which it is necessary to know the moment of inertia.


Portable Standardized Steel Hangars

In the construction of hangars standardization is an important factor when expansion may become necessary. A standard product is not only more economical to turn out but additional sections such as are often required can be added with a minimum of expense and trouble.

Formulae for Approximate Calculation of Brake Horse Power of Airplane Engines

Several formulae are in use at present for the approximate calculation of brake horsepower of gasoline engines but, with the exception of the old “plan” formula of the steam engineers, none of them would appear to be of any value when applied to airplane engines.


Major Wadsworth at League Island

Maj. George R. Wadsworth. U. S. A., who since the death of Maj. Henry South has been in charge of the Langley Field Experiment Station, is at present serving as chief engineer at the Naval Aircraft Factory. League Island Nacy Yard, Philadelphia, Pa.

Detail Drawings of An Austrian Albatros Biplane

Hansa-Brandenburg Type, 200 HP. Warchalowski Engine
October 11917 November 11917