November 1, 1917

International Aircraft Standards

Whirling Table and Method of Testing Model Airscrews at N.P.L.

Digest of the Foreign Aeronautical Press


International Aircraft Standards

3S7—Specifications for Alloy Steel Bars and Billets (200,000 Lb. Per Sq. In. Tensile Strength) General.—1. The general specifications, 1G1, shall form, according to their applicability, a part of these specifications. USE.—2. This steel is to be used for gears.

Whirling Table and Method of Testing Model Airscrews at N.P.L.

At the present time there are two different methods of testing airscrews at the National Physical Laboratory, (a) with an airscrew dynamometer mounted on a whirling table and, (b) with an airscrew balance designed for use in a wind channel.


Digest of the Foreign Aeronautical Press

Aeronautics (London), Sept. 12, 1917 Aircraft Losses in August.—The following are the official figures relative to aircraft losses in August: German machines destroyed by British 129 German machines driven down by British 104

The Future of Commercial Aeronautics*

Commercial aeronautics is clearly one of the subjects requiring foresight, technical, political and financial. Broadly, the objective is simple, in detail it is very complex. This at once suggests analysis as a help toward foresight.


News of the Fortnight

Aircraft Board Appointments Naval and military members of the Aircraft Board, about to be reorganized under a law giving it legal status, were announced on Oct. 26 by Secretaries Daniels and Baker. President Wilson is to name a civilian chairman and two other civilian members.

Description of the Austrian Albatros Biplane

Hansa-Brandenburg Type, 200 HP. Warchalowski Engine

Finishing Up and Balancing Airplane Propellers

After the propeller has been roughed out it is desirable to let the wood season for a while before finishing. The present American practice is to allow only a few days for this seasoning. It is the opinion of the writer, however, that longer seasoning is desirable.


Kiln-Dried Airplane Woods


Book Reviews


Aeronautical Patents

ISSUED SEPTEMBER 18, 1917 1,240,371—To William C. Robinson, Grinnell, Iowa. Landing-Chassis for Airplanes. 1,240400—To Fabian Zemojtxel, Philadelphia, Pa., assignor of one-third to Joseph Sobolowski, Philadelphia, Pa. Launching Device for Airplanes.
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