January 29, 1923

The Civil Aeronautics Act of 1923

Foreign Air Transport By Seaplane

Army and Navy Air News


The Civil Aeronautics Act of 1923

Abstract of Bill Introduced in the House by The Hon. Samuel H. Winslow of Massachusetts

Foreign Air Transport By Seaplane

Belgian Congo, Republic of Colombia and French Guiana Afford the Principal Fields of Activity


Army and Navy Air News

Air Service General Mitchell on Long Air Trip—Brig. Gen. Wm. Mitchell Assistant Chief of the Army Air Service, is planning an extensive flying trip in this country and Canada. Part of the journey will be made with his aide, Lt. C. Bissell, A.S., by airplane.

Improved Equipment for Night Flying

Flashing Aerial Lighthouses Will Show Limits of Field and Direction of Wind

Aeronautical Engines at the Paris Exposition

Exhibits Range from 1000 hp. Lorraine-Dietrich To 10 hp. Gnome Radial for Auxiliary Sailplanes


Foreign Progress in Aeronautics THE present issue of AVIATION contains an uncommonly large amount of information on the present status of aeronautics in Europe. A summary of the successful application of the seaplane to transport problems in little developed countries, the strength of some European air forces, secret British aircraft development and aircraft movements at the Paris airport are the outstanding subjects dealt with.

Progress of Commercial Aviation in France

Impressions of W. W. Kellett

Survey of the Aircraft Industry

U. S. Tariff Commission Issues Questionnaire

Relative Strengths of European Air Forces

Ratio of France-Great Britain-Belgium 11 : 4 : 1½

Secret British Aircraft Development

Thirteen Manufacturers Engaged in War Work
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