July 16, 1928

Airport Runway and Surface Treatments

Increasing the Output to Decrease Costs

With the National Air Tour


Airport Runway and Surface Treatments

THE RECENT widespread interest in aviation has resulted in the construction of a great number of airports all over the Pacific Coast. In many instances plots of ground have been set aside and designated as airports and as yet little or nothing has been done to develop them to the point where any name other than that of an emergency landing field is justified.


Increasing the Output to Decrease Costs

EVERY MANUFACTURER manifestly is interested in increasing production, for in volume he finds profits. And in increasing the production of planes he may add to those profits by saving money both on the orders placed for materials in quantity lots and in transportation of the raw materials.


With the National Air Tour

John P. Wood Keeps Waco 10 in Front and Leaves Nearest Competitor by Over 1000 Points at End of Eighth Leg of Tour


Foreign News

By Special Arrangement with the Transportation Division Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce

Italy to Brazil

Major Delprete and Captain Ferrarin Pilot Savoia-Marchetti Plane 4475 Mi. and Set New World’s Distance Record

Keystone Aircraft Corp. of Bristol, Penna., Building New Type Naval Training Plane


Reducing Loss and Damage in the Airplane Factory

SEVERAL HUNDRED dollars a month are saved by the Alexander Aircraft Co. by the adoption of a system whereby the mechanics must make out a report to cover all materials or tools lost or broken. The system serves several purposes. In the first place it has reduced the number of tools lost and broken and decreased the breakage of parts in the construction of airplanes, by increasing the vigilance of the employees.


Portland, Ore.


National Organization Formed to Found Aviation Country Clubs in Leading Cities


Side Slips

ROBERT R. OSBORN In the vicinity of New York and New Jersey there lias developed, in the last year or so, quite a large group of newspaper men who have become specialists in aviation news gathering. As they didn’t all have aeronautical experience before taking over this assignment some of their stuff at the beginning was pretty bad and there were always a few breaks to help us through the sometimes yawning space of this column.
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