August 18, 1928

Airplane Specifications Table

Specifications of the Material

Crawford Metal Plane


Airplane Specifications Table

MANUFACTURER Advance Aircraft Co.............. Advance Aircraft Co........... Aero-Craft Mfg. Co............... Alexander Aircraft Corp.......... Alexander Aircraft Corp........... American Eagle Aircraft Co........ Arkansas Aircraft Corp........

Specifications of the Material

IN the form of organization described in the last article, which until recently has been almost universal, the foreman has held a key position. Upon him has often rested the burden of selecting raw materials, hiring and firing men, improving methods, planning production, deciding questions of technique and accuracy, making rules, enforcing discipline, reporting costs, and keeping such records as to him seemed desirable.


Crawford Metal Plane

A Parasol Type Monoplane With the Full Cantilever Junkers Wing and Powered With a 165 Hp. Gnome Engine

Care and Maintenance of Siemens Engines

SIEMENS engines have been in service in American aircraft since January, 1927, and are used as standard or optional equipment in 15 makes of planes. A discussion of the care and operation of these engines is herewith presented.


The Aero Corporation of California

ONE of the most significant airline operations in the United States is the Los Angeles—Phoenix— Tucson route which has been successfully flown by the Aero Corporation of California since November 28, 1927. This company has pioneered an undeveloped territory without the assistance of a mail contract or the prestige which such a service gives to passenger carrying.


The "Sign Carrier I"

Keystone Biplane Powered With One "Wasp" and Two "Whirlwinds" and Equipped for Night Advertising Work

Other Opinions

IN AN endeavor to ascertain the opinions of our readers regarding a most important subject the following editorial was printed in the July 16 issue of AVIATION. ARE THEY WORTH WHILE? The day when exhibition flights were the main stay of commercial aviation has gone forever but there is still the same need to attract passengers to flying fields.

Government to Withhold Data on Service Airplanes

Performance Figures of the New Planes to Go On “Secret List“ for a Year

Side Slips

The papers state that a recent bride, arriving on a steamer to New York, was welcomed by a shower of rice thrown by friends who went out to meet the ship in an airplane. We must point out again that it is a dangerous practice to use an airplane in a wedding celebration, as there is always the possibility of the plane getting excited too, and throwing a couple of shoes.



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