August 25, 1928

Spot Welding of Aluminum and Its Alloys

Regarding the National Tour

Specifications of the Labor


Spot Welding of Aluminum and Its Alloys

THE question of spot welding aluminum has been quite extensively studied in the laboratories of the Aluminum Company of America. Early in this study, it was necessary to determine what was to be considered a good weld, so as to establish a standard of comparison.


Regarding the National Tour

WHAT did the 1928 National Air Tour prove in the way of airplane reliability and efficiency? That question has been asked this writer, and the writer knows the same question has been asked a number of the pilots who flew in the Tour, as well as several others, who, like myself, were fortunate enough to accompany it.


Specifications of the Labor

NOTWITHSTANDING all that has been said and done about standardized work, from the time of F. W. Taylor until now, it is still a subject little understood. “Time-study,” although but a part of it, is about the only part that has reached a popular ear.


The Timm Biplane

Five Passenger, Cabin Biplane Designed to Seat Pilots in Open Cockpit Is Powered by a 260 Hp. Menasco-Salmson

The Travel Air 6000

New Type Designed for Mail, Express and Passenger Carrying Is Powered With a Wright "Whirlwind" Engine

The “Super-Mailwing”

Improved Model of Pitcairn "Mailwing" Powered with a "Whirlwind." Has High Speed of 128 M. P. H. and Lands at 45 M. P. H.

Preparations for Coast Air Meet Are Nearly Completed

Pilots from All Parts of U.S. and Neighboring Countries to Compete for Awards

Side Slips

Mr. R. L. R., of Paterson, N. J., sends in a clipping from a New York paper of an article describing a special ship which will be entered in the race to the Pacific Coast. Part of the description says “Block-tested recently at Roosevelt Field, it is said that the motor registered a speed of 230 miles an hour.”


Completing Fine Le Roy Airport

New York Millionaire Who Bought Friendship Operating Fleet of Planes

Plumbing Troubles

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