March 23, 1929

Buffalo’s Air Display Opens with Big Array of Exhibits

Ignition Shielding for Radio Operation

Location and Ownership of Airports


Buffalo’s Air Display Opens with Big Array of Exhibits

More than 50 Planes and Scores of Accessories Involved BUFFALO, N. Y.—This city has been looking forward to its big aeronautical display for some time and today, March 23, the doors of the 174th Armory will be opened to the public to inspect the elaborate collection of exhibits which the best efforts of the city’s aeronautical leaders have gathered.

Ignition Shielding for Radio Operation

UNTIL recently, the sensitivity of the receivers which might be employed on aircraft had not been increased appreciably since 1918. While several factors have contributed to this surprising situation, the underlying cause has been the electrical disturbance caused by the engine ignition system.


Location and Ownership of Airports

CONSIDERABLE has been written during recent months concerning the necessity of communities establishing adequate airports in order to be represented properly on the growing map of air networks. Possibly less thought has been accorded to the matter of airport location and ownership.


Aviation in Siam

Splendid Market for Planes, Engines and Accessories Is Opened By Aero Development in This Eastern Kingdom


The "Oriole" Monoplane

Le Blond Powered, Tandem Cockpit, Parasol Type Craft Was Designed for Sport and Student Instruction Purposes


EVERY publisher of repute scrutinizes his advertising pages to make sure that there is no wording therein which is obviously false, and no statements which are deliberately intended to defraud. On the whole, papers devoted to aeronautics have been very free from fraudulent advertising, and where such advertising has appeared it has usually been because the true facts had not been called to the attention of the publishers.

Side Slips

Now that the Society for the Aeronautical Education of Newspaper Correspondents and Artists has accomplished so much good work in its chosen field, we have time to look to other fields which are in need of improving. Mr. C. E. H. of Hempstead, N. Y., suggests opening a section devoted to the aeronautical education of stock brokers, and encloses a circular to prove the distressing conditions in Wall Street.


No Demagnetization

The Results of an Experiment Conducted Determine the Effect of Booster Operation on the Service Magneto


Buyer's Log Book

B. B. T. Floodlight ANNOUNCEMENT HAS been made by the B. B. T. Corporation of America, Atlantic Building, Philadelphia, Pa., of the development of a new type of intermediate floodlight. This new airport lighting unit is known as the Type H-8-E intermediate landing floodlight.
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