March 30, 1929

Detroit's All-American Aircraft Show

Installation and Care of Aircraft Engines

Airplane Descriptions


Detroit's All-American Aircraft Show

SETTING a new and highly pleasing precedent in the staging of American aircraft expositions, the second annual All-American Aircraft Show, held under the joint auspices of the Detroit Board of Commerce and the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce of America, Inc., will open in Convention Hall, Detroit, Mich., one week from this date.


Installation and Care of Aircraft Engines

FROM 50 to 500 hr. between overhauls is the yardstick by which we can measure the improvement in aviation engine performance since the close of the war. It is the writer’s opinion that about one foot of each yard of the advance is due to improvement in engine manufacture and the balance is due to more intelligent care and operation.


Airplane Descriptions

TWO cabin monoplanes having similar design characteristics, but differing in dimensions and carrying Capacity, have been developed by the Maximum Safety Airplane Co., of Los Angeles, Calif. One of these models is a two-place training plane and the other a four-place craft with passengers’ cabin located abaft the pilot’s cockpit and means of communication provided between the two.

Aeronautical Training at Detroit University

WITH the industry moving forward as rapidly as it is, the aircraft manufacturers are confronted today with a shortage of technically trained men, and this is presenting a serious problem. Some are attempting to cope with the situation by opening schools of instruction at the factories, others by offering scholarships, and still others by vying for talent in aeronautical engineering upon a basis of wages.


Blind Flying Instruction in France

OF late the question of blind flying has been a much discussed subject. In Europe, where the payment of subsidies is frequently dependent upon maintenance of schedules, flying from point to point without the aid of intermediate points of reference has been developed to a high degree of perfection, it having reached the point where trips are commenced absolutely irrespective of weather conditions, so long as the field of destination is sufficiently clear to allow the pilot to see enough to land.


The New Zeppelin Plant at Akron Airport

WHEN Goodyear-Zeppelin engineers undertook the planning and erecting of the world's largest building-the giant airship factory and dock now being built at the Akron, Ohio, municipal airport—they tackled a job almost as big as actual construction of the two new 6,500,000 cu. ft.


Buffalo’s Own Products Feature Successful Show

Many Space Applications Refused; New Atlantic Flight for Friendship Reported

Begin Additional Airport Projects

Development Work Being Done in All Parts of the Country

Announce Detroit Aviation Program

Many Special Conferences Planned; Aero Leader to Read Papers


William H. Mallon Co., Inc., aviation engineers, is now located at 285 Madison Avenue, New York City, having removed to larger offices to care for increased activities. Towed gliders will be used for anti-aircraft targets in practice planned at Fort Story, Va.
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