April 6, 1929

What the Exhibitor Has to Sat

Promoting Short Hop Business in Southern California

The "Aerotruss "Brazed "U" Channel Section Steel Rib


What the Exhibitor Has to Sat

Various Comments on Things Aeronautical as Expressed by the Exhibitiors at the Second Annula All-American Aircraft Show

Promoting Short Hop Business in Southern California

WITH the 1929 flying season at hand there is considerable speculation in some quarters as to the volume of “joy-hop” traffic that taxi-plane operators may expect this year. The great decrease in such business during the last few months of 1928 has been feared by some operators as an indication that the flying public is “fed up” on short pleasure flights and that the flying of the future is to be done principally over established airlines when time dictates that the passenger employ the fastest available transportation.


The "Aerotruss "Brazed "U" Channel Section Steel Rib

Largent Company of Los Angeles plans immediate production of new type of member to meet the requirements of individual manufacturers

The Use of Radio in Safe Flying

AIR TRANSPORTATION has established itself in our complex system of civilization in competition with other forms of transportation and, at the present time, there are 52 air transport companies flying on regular schedules, aggregating 40,000 mi. per day in the United States.


Reaching the Foreign Markets Through Advertising

WITH the large increase in United States exports of aeronautic products which occurred in 1928, when 170 airplanes were shipped to foreign countries as compared to 63 in 1927, there may be an unwarranted complacency on the part of the industry in respect to export business.



Capt. Ira Eaker, “Question Mark” flier whose dawn-dusk flights between the United States and Panama were twice interrupted near their completion by bad weather, has wired the Boeing company a high commendation of the new Model P-12 Army fighting plane.

Side Slips

“Preparations for the inauguration of the International Congress of Sanitary Aviation, the first of its kind, are going on today, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association. * * * The following questions will be treated : Sanitary aviation in the outlying districts, sanitary aviation in the colonies, sanitary aviation in the navy, sanitary aviation in war time, sanitary aviation in peace and sanitary aviation bases.”—News Item.


Folmer Graflex Cameras

SO GREAT has the demand for aerial photographs become that aviators everywhere are finding an easy, new source of revenue from their flying, by the use of aerial cameras. Several types of cameras for this purpose are made by the Folmer Graflex Corporation, Rochester, N. Y.


JOHN BERNEY, vice-president of Aircraft Industries, Oakland, Calif., has been named head of the designing department succeeding JOSEPH LONG who has resigned. MARTIN W. SWANSON has been appointed communication engineer of the Universal Aviation Corporation.

Planes Not in Regular Production Approved

WASHINGTON (D. c.)—A list of airplanes no longer being regularly manufactured, but which have been approved for license without the approved type certificate has been issued by the Aeronautics Branch. The list follows, giving maker’s name, model number and engine, gross weight, manufacturer’s number, and the symbol description (p—place, 1—land, o—open, c—closed, b—biplane, m—monoplane, am—amphibian, s—seaplane):
March 301929 April 131929