April 20, 1929

Aeronautical Engineering Section

The High Altitude Airplane

Aeronautical Engineering Section

Relative Lift Distribution in Any Biplane

The Detroit Show From a Technical Angle

Aeronautical Engineering Section

The High Altitude Airplane

The First of Two Articles Discussing Engineering Problems in the Design of an Airplane to Navigate in the Stratosphere

Aeronautical Engineering Section

Relative Lift Distribution in Any Biplane

A KNOWLEDGE of the distribution between the upper and lower wings of the total lift of a biplane is necessary in the solution of two airplane design problems, one of an aerostructural and the other of an aerodynamic nature. In the structural analysis of a biplane cellule, the relative loading on the wings has a marked influence on the stresses in the spars.


The Detroit Show From a Technical Angle

THE SECOND ANNUAL All American Aircraft show was particularly valuable from an engineering standpoint, in that it afforded an opportunity to study more than one hundred airplane designs as well as the details of a large number of engines and accessories.


Export Sales Budgets for Airplane Manufactures

CONSIDERABLE thought is being given by United States aircraft manufacturers to the amount of money which can be spent for selling purposes. Production schedules have been drawn up and from all indications the total number of planes which will be produced in the United States during the current year will be approximately 8,000.


Looking Back at the All-American Aircraft Show

THE second annual All-American Aircraft Show, recently held in Convention Hall, Detroit, was the largest presentation of aircraft, engines, and equipment ever made in the history of the aeronautic industry, yet its attraction to the public at large, as judged by the attendance, was not on a par with the attraction of the 1928 show.


The Trend in Airplane Body Design

ANY well-informed automobile salesman will tell you that the purchasing of an automobile is usually a family affair. For this reason, he will also tell you, 90 per cent of automobile sales are made through women. He will tell you that most women have little regard for mechanical excellence, performance, or speed, but base their judgment mainly upon appearance and comfort.



Purple colored gasoline is to be supplied to all flying fields by the Ethyl Gasoline Corporation, the color being adapted to more easily distinguish it from automobile fuel. Twenty-eight army aircraft, 18 of them coming from Lansing Field, Mich., will be flown to the Annual National Convention of the Reserve Officers’ Association at Indianapolis, April 24.
Aeronautical Engineering Section

Patents Issued

Patent No. 1,703,488—Start of Flying Machines. Hugo Junkers, Dessau, Germany. One claim. The method of starting a flying machine having the usual landing gear but which is incapable of rising by its own power from the surface when heavily loaded, comprising combining such machine with an auxiliary flying machine, utilizing the combined power of both machines for attaining sufficient speed for lifting the machine to be started off the surface and to an altitude at which it is supported by the air to the extent of being able to soar and fly, and then separating the auxiliary flying machine, while continuing the flight of the started flying machine independently.

Fairchild States Expansion Program

Addresses Detroit Gathering of Agents


JOHN D. MACGREGGOR, who as vicepresident of Pan American Airways had charge of negotiations with governments in Central America, has resigned to accept a vice-presidency in the Pan American-Grace Company. He will direct preparations in South America for inauguration of a tri-weekly service between the Canal Zone and Moliendo, Peru.
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