April 27, 1929

Operation of the Pan American Airways System

Export Sales Budgets for Airplane Manufacturers

Aeronautics Branch of the Department of Commerce


Operation of the Pan American Airways System

PAN AMERICAN AIRWAYS, INC., the operating company for Aviation Corporation of the Americas, which about fifteen months ago carried its first passengers over the 110 mile route from Key West to Havana, is now operating planes to the British Bahamas, through the West Indies and through Central America over airways covering a total of 3,914 miles.


Export Sales Budgets for Airplane Manufacturers

CONSIDERABLE thought is being given by United States aircraft manufacturers to the amount of money which can be spent for selling purposes. Production schedules have been drawn up and from all indications the total number of planes which will be produced in the United States during the current year will be approximately 8,000.


Aeronautics Branch of the Department of Commerce

WHAT would happen if the Government ceased to regulate commercial aviation?” I have asked this question of several men in the industry, pilots, operators, representatives of capital and those connected with regulation. The reason will be apparent in a few moments.


Keeping the Dop Room Clean

KEEPING the floor of the dope room of an airplane factory clean usually presents a problem. The dried accumulations of dope hold tenaciously to the wood or concrete of which the floor may be constructed, and to the uninitiated these accumulations present a serious fire hazard, yet it has been found from experiments that the material will not burn when the flame of a blow torch is directed against it.

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Aeronautics Branch Drafts Regulations for Air Schools

Institutions to be Rated In Three Classifications
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The Navy Department has granted permission for the Graf Zeppelin to use the Naval Air Station at Lakehurst for one or two trips during 1929. Mrs. Louise McPhetridge Thaden, holder of the airplane altitude record for women, has successfully passed an examination for a transport license.

Airport Building Continues Active

Boeing and W .A.K. Projects Prominent
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MEREDITH WARREN has been appointed operations clerk at Albany for Canadian Colonial Airways. MAX POLLET has been appointed Cleveland traffic manager for Colonial Western Airways. C. W. BOYER is flying on the New York-Montreal route of Canadian Colonial Airways as pilot.

Truscon Steel Hangar Door

A SPECIAL door for airplane hangars in which limited space is available for operation of the door units in opening and closing, has been developed and is being manufactured by the Truscon Steel Company of Youngstown, O. This door is applicable to any kind of hangar construction, and is not limited to Truscon Standard Steel Hangars. It may be used on any size of door opening.
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Elimination Race Teams Announced

Pittsburgh Planning Three Days of Events
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