May 11, 1929

The LeBlond Sixty (Model 5-D)

Section of the Aeronautics Branch

Constructing a Dustless Airport


The LeBlond Sixty (Model 5-D)

THE LeBlond Sixty Engine, Model 5-D. which is now being manufactured under Approved Type Certificate No. 12 by the LeBlond Aircraft Engine Corp., Cincinnati, O., is a five-cylinder static radial air-cooled type having a manufacturers rating of 60 hp. at 1,900 r.p.m. and an approved rating of 65 hp. at 1,950 r.p.m.


Section of the Aeronautics Branch

AS INDICATED by the preceding article, regulation is the most important work of the Aeronautics Branch of the Department of Commerce, although it receives only a small percentage of the entire appropriation for the Branch. Most of the money goes to the Airways Division, which operates through the Bureau of Lighthouses, but is under immediate direction of the Assistant Secretary for Aeronautics, and the Director.


Constructing a Dustless Airport

ONE OF the most interesting features concerning the Grand Central Air Terminal at Glendale, Calif., which was opened to the public early this year, is the success of the dust abatement methods employed there, particularly on the 300x1,500-ft.

The Guggenheim Aeronautic Laboratory at Stanford University

THE DANIEL GUGGENHEIM Aeronautic Laboratory at Stanford University was completed in 1927. It is housed in a building measuring 50x200 ft., which had previously been used for engineering shops. Approximately one-half of this building is now one large room containing the wind tunnel, while in the other end there are class rooms, a library, drawing room, work shop, offices, and storage rooms.


System and Order in the Stock Room

THE stock room of the Alexander Aircraft Company, Colorado Springs, Colo., is well arranged and is conducted to facilitate the filling of requisitions and the distributing of materials to the various departments of the plant. It is also conducted so that it serves as a check against the control board in the factory office, and it is in turn checked by the control board against having too much or too little of any item in stock.


Planes That Fly Or Planes That Earn?

A Manufacturer of All-Metal Planes Expresses Opinions Regarding Airplane Construction



LESTER F. BISHOP is to be one of the pilots on the new Detroit-Cleveland amphibion service which the Thompson Aeronautical Corporation starts May 14. Bishop has been pilot on the Kalamazoo-Pontiac division and later company airways engineer.


Montrose W. Hays, meteorologist in charge of the United States Weather Bureau at St. Louis, has declared that the city is one of the most favorable for flying on account of the absence of freezing rain conditions. Gold and white badges, symbolic of the first air mail flight from Omaha to St. Louis, were distributed by the Chamber of Commerce to St. Louis and Kansas City business men and aviation officials.

Report Progress in Airport Projects

Construction Active Throughout Country

Navy Balloon No. 1 Flies to Prince Edward Island

Unofficially Appears Balloon Race Winner
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