May 25, 1929

The Inspection Section of the Aeronautics Branch

The Distributor... Who He Is... Why He Is... and What He Does

Fourth Annual Engineering Research Conference


The Inspection Section of the Aeronautics Branch

THE GAME of hide and seek between Department of Commerce aeronautical inspectors and certain pilots and plane owners ended on March 1, when the old letters of authority went into the discard. Now, letters of authority are issued only after examination of applicants, and merely to serve until the license card is made out and forwarded.


The Distributor... Who He Is... Why He Is... and What He Does

THE DISTRIBUTOR in the aircraft industry, as in any other industry which caters to the retail buying public, is the connecting link between the manufacturer and his retail sales outlets. Theoretically, the distributor serves as a sort of fieid general for the manufacturer, in that he protects and fosters the interests of the latter throughout a specific territory.


Fourth Annual Engineering Research Conference

EVERY SPRING for the past four years representatives of the aeronautic industry have visited Langley Field, Va., to see and hear of the work being done by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. Each year an increasing number have made the trip and on this year’s visit, which took place May 14, the N.A.C.A. was host to more than 200, almost twice as many representatives of commercial airplane manufacturers, accessory manufacturers, bankers and reporters than attended last year.


The Continental A-70

CONTINENTAL MOTORS Corporation, of Detroit, for many years builders of power plants in the automobile, truck, marine, and industrial unit fields, recently re-entered the aircraft industry with a new and interesting series of airplane engines, the first of which series was displayed at the second annual AllAmerican Aircraft Show.

Side Slips

AT A RECENT MEETING of the Society of Motion Picture Engineers, Mr. Jones, a physicist employed by the Eastman photographic laboratories, announced “a method of tinting talking films to any of the sixteen desired colors, each designed by him, to stir in the onlooker the emotions appropriate to the scene depicted on the screen.”



Manufacture of a French amphibion is to be started at New Haven, Conn., by the Viking Sea Boat Corporation, of which Lieut. Reginald D. Thomas, a winner of the Schiff Trophy, is one of the officials. Pan American-Grace Airways opened its service between Cristobal and Mollendo, Peru, May 17.


RICHARD C. GAZLEY, assistant chief engineer, and STANLEY S. LASHA, staff engineer, of the Bureau of Aeronautics, have resigned to enter practice as consulting aeronautical engineers. DONALD M. EWING has been appointed director of publicity for the Universal Aviation Corporation, succeeding Mason Peters, resigned.

Airport Men Discuss Problems

Enthusiasm Marks First Annual Meeting

Davis Monoplane

AWING of unusual design for a light plane is one of the features of the Davis Monoplane, built by the Davis Aircraft Corporation, Richmond, Ind. This craft is a two-place tandem type, having as standard power plant, the LeBlond Sixty (5D) radial air-cooled engine.

Parks Biplanes

TWO biplanes of the three place, open type are now being produced by Parks Aircraft, Inc., Parks Airport, St. Louis, Mo. The planes are conventional in design and differ mainly in power plants. The P-1 model is powered by a Curtiss OX-5 engine remodeled by the Parks process and the T-2 model can be furnished with Whirlwind Five, Axelson, Comet or other radial engines.
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