July 6, 1929

Heating and Ventilating for Airport Buildings

The 48 Hr. Coast to Coast Air-Rail Service of Transcontinental Air Transport

Ford Motor Company and American Aeronautic Development


Heating and Ventilating for Airport Buildings

Article I: Method of Computing the Heating Load Requirements of a Typical Installation


The 48 Hr. Coast to Coast Air-Rail Service of Transcontinental Air Transport

WITH perhaps the most extensive preparations that have preceded the opening of any airline completed, Transcontinental Air Transport, Inc., in conjunction with The Pennsylvania Railroad Company and The Atchison, Topeka and Sante Fe Railway Company, will inaugurate its 48-hr. combined rail and air passenger service from coast to coast, Sunday, July 7.


Ford Motor Company and American Aeronautic Development

The “Air Pullman" Makes Its Appearance; Ford Starts the DetroitChicago Line, and Finally Purchases the Stout Metal Plane Company


Watertight Subdivision of Seaplane Hillis and Floats

THE NECESSITY for watertight subdivision of any hull or float is predicated on a need for a relatively high degree of safety to personnel and material, when that hull or float is in its appointed use. Damages to a hull or a float which will impair a part of the watertight integrity may occur from one cause or another during use, and it is with the intention that such damages should be localized that watertight subdivision is employed.


Facts About Aircraft Factory Personnel

IT IS a well-known fact that success in any. endeavor depends largely on the human element. Aviation is no exception. Upon the manufacturer falls a great share in proving aviation a workable everyday utility, and to do so he must ever create various new designs anticipating the requirements of the air line operator, the private owner, schools, and other users of aircraft.


Airplane and Railroad Work in Double Harness

THE INAUGURATION of combined air-rail passenger services is a sign of the times. For a dozen years, or since the strain of war came upon the nation, co-ordination has been a watchword of evergrowing force. We have come to realize that our economic structure cannot be regarded as a huge and irregular pile of separate pieces, rubbing each other and interfering with each other.

The PT-2 Training Glider

SOMETHING DIFFERENT and highly interesting in the way of aircraft manufacture is the work of Gliders, Inc., builder of gliders and soarers, in Orion, Michigan, near Detroit. Gliders, Inc., headed by W. J. Scripps, son of the publisher of the Detroit News, was organized in Detroit last October as part of a multi-sided general program to revive and popularize the science and sport of engineless aviation in America.


Curtiss-Wright Corporation Unites Large Aviation Groups

Manufacturing, Sales and Service to be Aim

The Big Merger

THE ANNOUNCEMENT of the formation of the Curtiss-Wright Corporation, coming six months after the merging of several important groups of interests into the United Aircraft and Air Transport Company, and taken with the other striking developments in aircraft finance in the intervening period, turns attention again upon the economic advantages and drawbacks of such vast combinations, as well as upon the legal and other factors affecting them.

Hawks Sets a Record

THE REMARKABLE performance of Frank M. Hawks in making a double crossing of the continent in a total flying time of only 36 hr. 49 min. and with a bare seven hours of rest intervening between the two non-stop journeys, at an over-all air-line average of nearly 140 m.p.h., cannot be allowed to pass without editorial comment.
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