July 27, 1929

Building a Dealer Organization

Advertising Pays... When It Is Good Advertising

Ford Motor Company and American Aeronautic Development


Building a Dealer Organization

ABOUT THREE YEARS AGO the Aero Corporation of California was formed in Los Angeles with little more tangible in the way of assets than a great deal of ambition. We obtained the distributorship for Eaglerock aircraft in California and Arizona, and for some time found the demand for planes to be so great that we could not make deliveries fast enough.


Advertising Pays... When It Is Good Advertising

ACCORDING to literary history, Emerson once wrote, that... “if a man builds a mouse-trap better than any other mouse-trap, even though he live in the woods, the public will beat a path to his door.” That may have been very true in Emerson’s time, but in this day of top speed business and highly competitive selling, the mouse-trap manufacturer who does not advertise will be faced with a lonely existence midst the murmuring pines and the hemlocks.


Ford Motor Company and American Aeronautic Development

The Ford Airplane Reliability Tour Is Inaugurated, the First Tri-Engined Ford Constructed, and Operations Started on C. A. M. Routes 6 and 7


The Financing of Aircraft Sales

Some Interesting Facts About a Recently Inaugurated Time Payment Plan That Not Only Covers the Purchase of New Planes But Used Planes and Repair Work as Well.


The American Airplane Market in China

IN CANTON, on an island called Tai Sha Tau, is located one of the few up-to-date military air service units to be found in China. It is at the present time headed by a very efficient and well educated Cantonese pilot by the name of General Chang Wei-chang.


The Boeing (model 100) Sport Plane

TO MEET the demand of the private owner for an airplane of high speed and unusual maneuverability, the Boeing Airplane Company, Seattle, Wash., has re-designed one of its Army single seater fighter models resulting in a sport plane known as the Boeing model 100.

Airport Construction

Under the leadership of the Aviation Committee of the Chicago Association of Commerce, a campaign has been started among leading civic organizations urging the Chicago City Council to make an immediate appropriation of $450,000 for improvements and enlargement of the Municipal Airport.

What Our Readers Say

The following refers to an editorial entitled “Official Designs” on page 2061 of the issue of AVIATION of June 15, 1929: The premise for the editorial is erroneous and indicates that the observations were apparently made from a somewhat restricted point of view.

The Golf Club and the Aviator

THE OLD WESTBURY GOLF CLUB is embattled. Its members have girded up their loins and taken to the trenches. They have their opinion of aviation as practiced in their neighborhood, and they intend to display it by building an airplane-tight fence.

Side Slips

THERE IS one thing about these endurance flights which encourages us very much. In spite of the great number of these flights none of the refueling ships have been developed along queer or exaggerated lines of architecture. We had been afraid that our aerial filling stations might follow the precedent set by the earth-bound filling stations in being designed to look like Chinese pagodas or Spanish missions.

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