August 3, 1929

Marketing the Light Commercial Airplane

The Los Angeles Metropolitan Airport

England’s Tenth Annual Royal Air Force Display


Marketing the Light Commercial Airplane

BECAUSE OF its record of almost 100 Waco biplanes sold during 1928 the American Aircraft Corporation has been called the world’s largest distributor of commercial aircraft. Whether or not we have any right to this title it is true that with its large and active territory (California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, and the Republic of Mexico), the American Aircraft Corporation, through its own efforts and the work of its dealers, has been able to sell a great many airplanes and in so doing has learned many things about the marketing of commercial aircraft.


The Los Angeles Metropolitan Airport

ALTHOUGH the United States Department of Commerce has been able to promulgate a well thought out set of requirements for approved type airports, no one is sure of what the airport of the near future will be like, and there is still considerable difference of opinion on what sort of airports are required by conditions at the present time.


England’s Tenth Annual Royal Air Force Display

ENGLAND’S big annual air event is the Royal Air Force Display and “a jolly good show” it is. It takes place at Hendon, just outside London, and this year was held on Saturday, July 13. It is similar to our National Air Races in that it is a big public exposition of flying, but here the similarity ends.


The "St. Louis Robin" and Its Refueling Flight

How the Plane and Engine Were Equipped and Conditioned for Their Test

Airport Construction Projects


Side Slips

MR. R.A.S. of New York points out, with tears in his eyes, that sordid commercialism seems to be gaining a stronger and stronger foothold in aviation, and nowadays only a few of the old timers are “flying for the love of the game.” The following item from the New York Times seems to be the cause of his discouragement:




The Heinkel Catapult on the S.S. "Bremen"

THE HEINKEL K2 catapult installed upon the North German Lloyd liner “Bremen,” which figured prominently in the establishment of the recent trans-Atlantic mail record, is the result of two years of experimentation and development by Dr. Ernest Heinkel, its designer.


Air Travel Ticket Office

ONE OF the biggest problems confronting a city which is trying to become generally airminded is the establishing of a satisfactory contact between the airplane operator and the public. Cleveland, Ohio, for one, has found that its Consolidated Air Travel Ticket Office, information bureau and waiting room is an ideal means of promoting interest in all phases of aviation.


Air Mail Contracts and Rate Revision

THE ENACTMENT last year of legislation permitting the Post Office Department to give extended permits to the present contractors on air mail routes made it obvious that contract rates would be modified when extensions were considered.
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