September 7, 1929

The National Air Races, Day By Day and in Summary

Technical Aspects of the Cleveland Exposition

The Aeronautical Chamber Talks of Many Things


The National Air Races, Day By Day and in Summary

SETIING new and wonderful precedents from nearly every angle, the 1929 National Air Races, held in Cleveland from August 24 to September 2, set a new standard which many subsequent meets will take as their goal. True, the same thing was said, and very properly said, of the Los Angeles races last year, but the Cleveland Classic, by sheer magnitude, diversity and completeness of character, and smoothness of operation has created a new pattern for outdoor aeronautical Olympiads.


Technical Aspects of the Cleveland Exposition

AN ANALYSIS of the exhibits at the National Aeronautic Exposition, held August 24 to September 2 at the Cleveland Public Auditorium, is helpful in noting the most recent tendencies in airplane and engine design. Although the airplanes in the exposition hall were fewer in number than those at some of the previous shows, the group was representative of the present status of the American aeronautical industry.


The Aeronautical Chamber Talks of Many Things

Department of Commerce Regulations, Standard Fuels, Uniform Discounts, and Production Reports Among Subjects Discussed at Cleveland


The Airplane Design Session of the S. A. E.

THE SOCIETY of Automotive Engineers meeting with the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce joining in sponsorship to discuss the theoretical problems of airplane design was held Tuesday morning as a part of the general aeronautical meeting of the Society.


New York State Leads in Planes

Has 753 Licensed Craft; California, Illinois Follow

Light Alloys in Aircraft

Discussion of Their Range and Usefulness Conducted by S. A. E. at Cleveland


Commercial Aviation and Engineering

AT THE Commercial Aviation session of the S.A.E., held on Tuesday evening as an appendage to the aeronautical dinner at which Hon. David S. Ingalls, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Aeronoutics, was the principal speaker, an outstanding feature was the first address delivered in the United States by Señor Juan de la Cierva, originator of the Autogiro.


Circum-Avigation of Globe Completed By Graf Zeppelin

21 Days 7 Hr. is New Round-World Record

Planes Approved Reach Total of 232

Biplanes Number 144; Cabin Craft Numerous

Airports and Airlines

WASHINGTON (D. C.)—A field inspection trip will be made by Aeronautics Branch officials within the next several weeks to check the few airports whose rating requests indicate that a physical examination is justified. In the majority of cases, however, it is stated that the data submitted with the applications, indicates additional work will have to be done before the airports can meet the requirements of the rating for which they ask.
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