September 14, 1929

A.s.m.e. Seaplane Meeting at Cleveland

One and One-half Acres of Hangar Floor Space Under One Roof

Ford Motor Company and American Aeronautic Development


A.s.m.e. Seaplane Meeting at Cleveland

Rohrbach, Richardson, Sikorsky and Others Speak on Marine Flying


One and One-half Acres of Hangar Floor Space Under One Roof

REVOLUTIONARY in design and of massive size, the all-steel-and-concrete hexagon-shaped Hexhangar recently erected on the new Los Angeles terminal field of Western Air Express, Inc., marks the first big step in a definite trend toward the development of airport buildings designed to meet the complex needs of air line operators.


Ford Motor Company and American Aeronautic Development

Ford Air Mail Lines Are Inaugurated; the Company Demonstrates Radio for Planes; Henry Ford Flies with Lindbergh


Starting the All-european Light Plane Tour

OFFICIALS who think that there are difficulties in connection with running the Ford Reliability Tour will appreciate the amount of organization necessary to run the Challenge International de Tourism. The tour, which this year was conducted by the Aero Club of France, started from Orly, near Paris, carried the contestants on a 3,907-mi. trip through twelve different countries, each with its own customs and language.


The N.a.a. Convenes

The National Aeronautical Association, in the Annual Settlement of its Affairs, Re-elects Senator Bingham

Impressions of Olympia

IT WAS UNFORTUNATE for one American visitor that pressure of his own business prevented that detailed study of the London Show which would have more than repaid anyone interested in the technique of aviation. These, therefore, are general impressions which are subject to the errors due to lack of time for thorough study.


Airport Construction Projects

$57,000 on 160-acre tract for the deThe triangular plot between runways at Port Columbus is being planted with grass for the landing of small planes. An improvement program calling for the immediate expenditure of nearly $250,000 has been approved for the Curtiss field in Denver.

Side Slips

Annual Report of Side Slip's Special Correspondent at the National Air Races


Announce Traffic Meeting Program

KANSAS CITY (MO.)—Development of increased mail and passenger traffic over air transport lines will be the general subject considered at the National Air Traffic Conference of the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce which will be held here Sept. 16-18.


During August there were 8,025 plane landings at the Oakland Municipal Airport, 6,203 passengers were carried and 1,565 student flights were made. These are records for the Oakland field. Nearly 300 cities and towns have been air markeed in Ohio as a result of the National Air Races.
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