October 26, 1929

With the National Air Tour

The General Mailplane

Air Route Radio Services in Great Britain


With the National Air Tour

AS THIS STORY is being written the 1929 National Air Tour has progressed on schedule as far as Jacksonville, Fla. Johnny Livingston, piloting a Whirlwind-powered Waco, is far in the lead on points, with a total of 19,981.78 chalked up to his credit.


The General Mailplane

THE MODEL 107 MAILPLANE, developed by the General Airplanes Corp., Buffalo, N. Y., is soon to be manufactured on a quantity basis. Flight tests are now being conducted and production tooling installed at the factory. Credit for the design is due A. Francis Arcier, Vice-President, in charge of operations of the company and Roscoe I. Markey, project engineer for the mailplane.


Air Route Radio Services in Great Britain

TO GIVE a comprehensive and accurate description of the radio services operating in Great Britain for commercial air route purposes is a task of some magnitude, owing to the complexity of the subject. Because of the fact that so much of the air route work with which Great Britain is concerned is of an international character, no excuse is necessary for beginning such an article with a brief description of the international aspect of air route radio services, as conducted in Europe, before describing in greater detail the radio services and organization at present operative in Great Britain—particularly since the latter are, to a great extent, regulated by international agreement.


The British State Airship R101

THE STATE AIRSHIP, R101, is complete at last after some four years effort, in which the first 18 months was mainly devoted to pure research work in wind tunnels and upon the old R33, now broken up, and the last two years given to actual construction.


What Our Readers Say

The article on air races and handicapping, by Captain R. J. GoodmanCrouch, [in AVIATION for Aug. 24] contains quite a lot of interesting as well as valuable information concerning the handicapping of airplanes for racing purposes. I have used, heretofore, a system which takes a lot of time but which I believe is very fair to all contestants.

New Volumes for the Shelves

IT IS TO BE PRESUMED that the author of this book had at his disposal all of the vast collection of records and historical data which the Royal Aeronautical Society of Great Britain has accumulated during its long and very useful existence.


Airport Construction Projects

THE DULUTH, MINN., City Council has authorized Leonard Macomber, Inc., Chicago, to prepare plans for the development and operation of the municipal airport, the plan of operation to include estimates of cost and possible revenue, etc.


Admiral Moffett has submitted the report of the board selected to examine Pacific Coast sites for a dirigible base, and a decision is expected within a few days. E. Hamilton Lee, air mail pilot for Boeing System, has 12,740 hr. flying time to his credit, having covered about 1,250,000 mi.

Airlines in the Canal Zone

WHEN Balboa and his hearty band of Spanish followers gazed out for the first time and beheld the calm, unruffled waters of the Pacific Ocean, the event marked the end of a journey of less than 50 miles that took nearly two months to complete. With the advance of science the time was eventually cut down to 2 hours by train, and today, the trip is negotiated in 20 min. via airplane and a regular schedule is maintained.


Foreign News Briefs

Gerd Archgelis, Bremen, Germany, established an unofficial record of 37 min. flying upside down in a FockeWulf plane with 70 hp. Siemens engine. Aeroposta Argentina has begun regular operation of a weekly air mail service between Buenos Aires and Santiago, Chile.
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