November 2, 1929

The Tour Arrives at Detroit

Random Observations of An Air Tour Passenger

The Road Builders Consider Municipal Airports


The Tour Arrives at Detroit

John Livingston, Flying Whirlwind-Waco, Wins First Place With a Grand Total of 45,672.64 Points


Random Observations of An Air Tour Passenger

THE NATIONAL AIR TOUR, which has just wound up its fifth annual appearance upon the aeronautical calendar, has several distinct purposes. It is a test of the capacities of the aircraft entered, and of the reliability of their power plants and other essential accessories.


The Road Builders Consider Municipal Airports

THE REALIZATION that there is as much, if not more, of importance in the ground department of flying as there is in the more spectacular department of flight itself has been increasing rapidly in recent years. By far the most vital item of this important ground department is the airport.


New Volumes for the Shelves

PILOTS, especially those who have pioneered in the establishment of airlines, will take pleasure in reading this account of trail blazing over the Asia Minor wastes. With many maps and illustrations, the book incorporates the attractions of a work on exploration.

The Air-Rail Station at Port Columbus

An Up-To-The-Minute Airport With Special Accommodations for TAT Passengers


Factory Cooperation Boosts Distributor Sales

WITH the period of intense competition for airplane sales just beginning, sales policies are largely in the formulative stage and there are many vital problems related to the sales organizations that have yet to be worked out. The Ryan Aircraft Corporation, makers of the popular Ryan Brougham six-place cabin ship, has developed one of the oldest and most effective organizations in the industry, and some of the policies which have developed this organization may be of interest to the industry.


Side Slips

As THE Prince of Wales has been doing considerable flying in the last few years without any mishaps we are convinced that he could make one of his other favorite sports a lot safer by the simple addition of a safety belt to a saddle. We agree with the critics in England who say that the new dirigible R101 will not meet the performance promises made for it by its designers, —in fact we’ve said so all along.


First Trials of R.101 Prove to Be Satisfactory

The new government airship R.101,. has now made two trial flights, has withstood gusts of 43 m.p.h. at the mooring mast, a medium line squall with a change of direction of 45 deg. in 2 min., and so far has entirely confounded all critics who have been making gloomy prognostication of failure.


Airport Construction Projects

GROUND was to be broken yesterday, Nov. 1, for the building of the Flying Club of California to be erected at the Curtiss-Grand Central Air Terminal at Glendale, Calif. This building will represent an investment of about $200,000 when completed.

Personnel Now Or Progress Later?

FOR AT LEAST two years, the aircraft industry has been the sufferer from a chronic personnel shortage. The demand for trained men, trained as engineers, production experts, or operations managers, has persistently run far ahead of the supply.

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