December 14, 1929

Reliable Powerplants for the Ship

Making Airlines Pay Their Way

The Future of Air Express


Reliable Powerplants for the Ship

Interesting Facts Regarding Their Requirements in the Four Out of Five Failure of the Graf Zeppelin and a Explanation of Engines


Making Airlines Pay Their Way

AIR TRANSPORTATION is a manufactured product with definitely measurable costs and values. The airplane, in a broad sense, is the machinery that creates it. In any manufacturing operation, if the plant is worked only 2 hours a day the operation cost approximates a four-fold increase in the investment.


The Future of Air Express

AVIATION is destined to play a vital role in the transportation of money and merchandise. In the past, aerial express has been negligible ; at present, it is still in its formative stages ; but its further development in the immediate future is inevitable.


Pirating of Trained Personnel

A Cross Section of Governmental and Commercial Aeronautic Important Subject as Presented Editorially in Opinion Regarding This all AVIATION

The Human Factor in Flying

A SURVEY of various Department of Commerce reports on airplane accidents reveals a large proportion due to “errors of judgment,” or the human factor. That speaks volumes for the mechanical advances made in airplane construction. And it puts the responsibility all the more squarely up to the man at the controls.


The Importance of the National Sales Organization

PERHAPS the greatest asset of the sales organization of the Travel Air Company, located at Wichita, Kan., is that its governing heads realize that there are other airplane companies manufacturing good airplanes. They realize that theirs is a highly competitive field, and that regardless of the quality of their products, which they quite naturally consider to be of the best, they must build up, and maintain, a sales and service organization that will get their products into the hands of purchasers, and, what is perhaps even more, keep those purchasers as perpetual Travel Air customers and boosters.


The Safety Competition to Date

Contestants Dwindle to Three as Several Withdraw


New Volumes for the Shelves

THERE ARE many ways of writing a technical book. Mr. Page’s method has always been to make a large collection of clippings from miscellaneous literature on the subject, and periodically bring them together for publication. This method, while seldom resulting in a really fine book, is excusable when the material is properly selected and logically arranged..

New Patents

A HOOK carried by a cable suspended from an aircraft is designed to be lowered into a funnel-shaped member near the narrow end of which is suspended a loop supporting cargo. The hook is intended to enter the loop and permit the cargo to be carried away by the airplane in flight.

What Our Readers Say

An Answer to Dr. Thalen To THE EDITOR : The most important criticism which may be brought against Dr. Thalan’s comments, which we have appreciated very much, is that they are irrelevant. 1. We propose a practical method of calculation. Dr. Thalan answers mostly by a discussion on the type of structure used.
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