December 21, 1929

Tail Spins

How Europe Ran An Air Tour

The Goodyear-Zepplin Dock at Akron, Ohio


Tail Spins

THE PROBLEM of designing an airplane which will be efficient in normal operation and safe under the abnormal condition of a tail spin has rapidly increased in importance within the last year during which a great many new airplane designs have been produced.


How Europe Ran An Air Tour

LIGHT PLANES have shown remarkable development in Europe during recent years, and this year the “Aéro-Club de France” esteemed the time ripe for organizing a big international event to demonstrate the possibilities of modern touring machines.


The Goodyear-Zepplin Dock at Akron, Ohio

AS WORK PROGRESSES on the huge airship factory and dock being erected by the Goodyear-Zeppelin Corp. at the Akron (Ohio) Municipal Airport, it becomes more and more apparent that the structure is what its builders claim to be—the most unusual and interesting building under construction anywhere in the world.


The Flat Spin

AS A general proposition it is true that any airplane which can be sharply stalled can also be made to spin. Further it may be frankly stated that a large number of the smaller military and commercial aircraft which have been recently flown can be made to “flat” spin, although sometimes with difficulty and under somewhat unusual conditions as to loading, balance, and control disposition.


Mapping 13,000 Square Miles of Alaska

MAPPING of 13,000 sq. miles of southeast Alaska, not including 467 oblique photographs, tell part of the story of the 1929 Alaska Aerial Survey Detachment from Aircraft Squadrons, Battle Fleet. The survey covered principally the Tongass National Forest, of which 4,000 sq. miles remain unmapped.


The Dornier Do.x

A Flight Experience and Some Remarks on the Operation


What Our Readers Say

I have just concluded your editorial, “Cultivating Airplane Sales Soil” and feel that you are absolutely right in your reference to the state of the market for light and medium planes. . . . . I think there is quite a percentage of the 120 million people of whom you speak, would-be aviators like myself, providing we have the same opportunity to acquiring knowledge of operation and of ownership as we have in the case of the automobile.

Side Slips

THE INTREPID AVIATOR stopped by the desk just now for his weekly supply of cigars and in the course of his usual sales talk showed us a clipping from a local paper concerning the proposed flight of the Graf Zeppelin to the North Pole next spring: “Under command of Captain E. A. Lehmann, the Graf Zeppelin with the twelve scientists, will carry fresh provisions for five days,—the longest period it is expected to remain away from its bases at Tromsoe, Norway, and Fairbanks, Alaska.



Proposals for erecting a 200-ft. mooring mast for dirigibles on top of the 1,100-ft. Empire State Building which is to occupy the site of the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City are being considered by officials of the Navy Department. Construction of four additional aircraft carriers for the Navy has been recommended by Secretary Adams.

Abstracts and Reviews

WEATHER REPORTING SERVICE which would provide complete and frequent information about flying conditions all over New England could be maintained at a cost of $100,000 per year, according to the careful plans and estimates prepared by Mr. Rossby.
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