January 11, 1930

The Consolidated “Commodore" Flying Boat

Construction of Airfoil Sections and Wing Generation

European Aeronautics and American Foreign Sales Possibilities


The Consolidated “Commodore" Flying Boat

A Description of the Commercial Adaptation of the Navy XPY-1


Construction of Airfoil Sections and Wing Generation

The First of Two Articles on a Systematic Method of Designing Airfoils


European Aeronautics and American Foreign Sales Possibilities

A NUMBER of American government and private business officials—experts at the promotion of trade relations between the United States and foreign countries—are continually pointing out to America’s industries the importance of developing export trade.


A Comparison of England's Two New Airships

THE R. 100 England’s second major airship to be completed within six months, was launched Dec. 16 at the Howden airship base of the Airship Guarantee Co., flown 140 mi. to the Cardington Royal Airship Works and there moored to the tower which until recently had been used constantly for the mooring and testing of the R.101, a sister ship.


Abstracts and Reviews

ENGINES having compression ratios as high as 7 are proving as reliable as the earlier engines of lower ratios. The use of “dope” in fuel to delay detonation is being widely resorted to. On standard service engines a weight-power ratio of about 1.5 lb. per b.hp. is now being obtained.

Surveying the Airport Problem in New York City

THE SUM and substance of the airport problem in every large city in the world is present in an exaggerated degree in New York City. The metropolitan area provides many aviation termini, but none of them offers adequate facilities for air transport service in which every consideration of the air traveler is met.


Tanager Wins Grand Prize in Safe Airplane Contest

MITCHEL FIELD (L.I., N.Y.)—The highest monetary reward and the strongest expression of professional approval has been granted to the Curtiss Aeroplane & Motor Corp., entry, the “Tanager,” in the Guggenheim Safe Aircraft Competition, with the formal award of the $100,000 grand prize.

What Our Readers Say

The writer was much interested in your editorial entitled “Salesmen Not Pilots.” Your comment on the need for Aviation Business Schools, leads me to tell you of the courses now given in the General Aviation Schools in Elmira and Ithaca, New York.

Airport Construction Projects

THE MEMORIAL Administration Building at the Boston Municipal Airport was dedicated Dec. 30. This is a two-story building facing the airport. On the first floor there are the following rooms: General waiting room (42x25 ft.), lunch room accommodating 50 persons, telegraph room and press room, news-stand, ticket office, air mail work room, emergency first aid room, offices for federal officials, a lavatory, lounge, telephones, etc. Adjoining is a onestory garage housing an ambulance, chemical fire engine, motorcycles, trucks and a boiler room.

The Shielding Effect of N.A.C.A. Cowlings

AT THE INVITATION of the Airways Division of the Department of Commerce and the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, the Aircraft Division of Radio Frequency Laboratories has made a quantitative investigation of the effect of two types of N.A.C.A. radial engines cowling in reducing ignition interference with radio reception on airplanes.

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