January 25, 1930

The Aeronautical Uses of Bakelite and Similar Products

Surveying the Airport Problem in New York City

Operation and Analysis of the Aviation Credit Corporation


The Aeronautical Uses of Bakelite and Similar Products

BAKELITE is a synthetic product formed from formaldehyde and phenol or carbolic acid. By a special process, carbolic acid and formaldehyde react to form a resin-like material which is both soluble and fusible—but which has the distinctive property of becoming insoluble, infusible and very hard, strong, and resistant, after being subjected to heat.


Surveying the Airport Problem in New York City

The Second of a Series of Three Articles on the Important Question Typical of Most Congested Areas


Operation and Analysis of the Aviation Credit Corporation

A Detailed Outline of the Working Policies of this Organization Which has Been a Valuable Aid in the Sale of Aircraft in this Country


Regulating Article II— Air Commerce Engineering

THE PRIMARY FUNCTION of the Engineering Section is to insure the proper structural design of aircraft that are to be made eligible for license. To accomplish this purpose it was first of all necessary to establish certain definite minimum requirements which must be met before an airplane could be certified as airworthy.


Determining the Effect of Lightning Upon the Airplane

LIGHTNING . . . word is becoming increasingly important in the aviation world. To the pilot, it signifies something to avoid. To the passenger, it labels one of the possible hazards he faces when making a trip by air. To the airplane manufacturer, it represents a kind of mysterious factor which he probably ought to take into consideration when designing a plane, but usually does not, except to comply with regulations governing bonding.


Fliers Vie for Racing Honors at Miami All American Meet

MIAMI (fla.)—The All American Air Meet opened Jan. 13, here with the dedication of the municipal dirigible airport, the Goodyear blimps “Defender” and "Vigilant” being on hand. Because of bad weather to the north, many planes failed to arrive in time for the opening of the meet, but all were on hand for the second day’s events.


Mergers and Consolidations in the Industry

DURING the year of 1929 the American aeronautic industry was practically reorganized and recapitalized. Mergers and consolidations were almost every day occurrences, with the result that few, if any, are today familiar with the arrangement of the leading groups.


Airport Construction Projects

Los ANGELES HARBOR department is planning to install improvements at Allen Field, located on Terminal Island in the Los Angeles harbor. This action will be taken, it is understood, when and if Allen Field is named the port of entry for the Los Angeles district.

Report Decrease in Aero Accidents

Fewer in First Half of 1929 Per Mile Than in 1928 Period
Abstracts AND Reviews

Wing Flutter

TOURING the past few years con' siderable work, both theoretical and experimental, has been carried out at the National Physical Laboratory on the subject of wing flutter. This report is a detailed account of that work. The nature of the flutter was first observed by model tests.
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