February 1, 1930

The French Air-Boat Line to South America

Combating Corrosion of Aircraft Metal Parts

Abstracts and Reviews


The French Air-Boat Line to South America

FOR ALMOST two years Toulouse, France, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, and intermediate cities have been linked by a fast air-boat service operated under French auspices. The company charged with this operation is known as Compagnie Aeropostale Generale, and the line has commanded the interest of the aeronautical world from the very beginning because of the audacity of the conception behind it, because of the persistence with which it was developed in the face of extreme difficulties, and because of the excellent record that the company has maintained.


Combating Corrosion of Aircraft Metal Parts

THE IMPORTANCE of properly protecting the various parts of an airplane, particularly the metal parts, cannot be too strongly emphasized. Metal, especially in the gauges used in the construction of aircraft, will corrode hopelessly if not suitably protected from deteriorating influences.


Abstracts and Reviews

THE DEVELOPMENT OF METALS FOR AIRCRAFT PURPOSES; lecture by Dr. Rosenhain, F.R.S., before the Royal Aeronautical Society, Dec. 12, 1929; Reported in Aeronautical Engineering supplement to The Aeroplane. STEELS, aluminum alloys, and new very light alloys made with magnesium, beryllium, etc., were discussed in their relation to use in aircraft by Dr. Rosenhain, who is president of the Institute of Metals.

Regulating Air Commerce Article III—Licensing

MUCH CONFUSION has existed throughout the country as to the qualifications and correct procedure for obtaining the various classes of licenses for airmen and aircraft. Also, many applicants wonder at the seeming excessive delay in receiving their licenses after the completion of their tests.


Surveying the Airport Problem in New York City

The Last of Three Articles on a Problem Typical of Most Great Cities


Airport Construction Projects

CONSTRUCTION OF an A-l-A airport on a 261-acre site on the north side of San Fernando Boulevard and approximately j mi. from the heart of the San Fernando (Calif.) business district, is being planned by a syndicate of business men headed by A. B. Widney.

Chamber Report Discloses Growth

Membership Up 112%; Body Now Has 14 Sections

New Volumes for the Shelves

THIS AVIATION BUSINESS, by Ernest IV. Dichman; Brentano’s, 274 pages; $3.50. UPON the somewhat more-than-fivefoot shelf of works devoted to the popularization of aeronautical knowledge, this volume has been assigned to a special niche.

Side Slips

First Reports of Side Slips’ Special Correspondent From the So-Called Sunny South


The Hodkinson Transport

ANEW PLANE recently introduced at the Los Angeles airport is the Hodkinson eight-place, tri-engined, transport. The plane is powered with three Curtiss Challengers. Weighing 4200 lb. light and 7000 lb. fully loaded, the Hodkinson plane carries six passengers and two pilots in addition to 300 lb. of baggage.
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