March 8, 1930

Engine and Accessories at the St. Louis Show

Meetings of the Aero Chamber at St. Louis

The Air Transport Section


Engine and Accessories at the St. Louis Show

Some General Remarks and Brief Descriptions of Power Plants and Other Exhibits

Meetings of the Aero Chamber at St. Louis

A Report on the Convening of the Fuel and Lubricant, Accessory and Material, Flying School, and Finance and Insurance Sections


The Air Transport Section

Operators Discuss Existing Problems and Plan for Future Development at St. Louis Session

Light Plane Clubs

What Our Readers Say

I have just finished reading your editorial on “Private Flying Clubs.” You are right when you say that there are many Americans who are observing the British light plane clubs with admiration and envy ! I am sure that there are thousands of young business men like myself who are sold on the future of flying for both pleasure and business, but who cannot learn to fly because of the prohibitive cost.

Building the Plane and Its Engine

Technical Papers Presented in St. Louis on Production Problems


The Waters Bill

EDWARD P. WARNER THE BILL introduced into Congress by Representative Waters, designed to revise the whole structure of the contract air mail service, may well have been reported out by the Post Office Committee before this editorial appears. If so, our subject matter may seem very stale, but we shall risk that.

Midwest States Hold Air Parley

Delegates Favor State Laws Based on Federal Regulations
Editorial Comment

From the Daily Press

WE HEREBY make respectful in\ quiry as to the why and wherej fore of the searchlights which sweep } the heavens from a dozen high towers j in and around our fair city. From > various sources we have heard that j these are air beacons, designed to help ? aviators, just as lighthouses aid marj iners, and that in consequence they s must be accepted as evidence of prog-. s ress, indicating as they do that New j York is becoming air-minded.

Side Slips

Well, Ed, it seems it is about time for me to leave “America’s Most Interesting City” an I guess I am not going to be able to look into the aeronautical situation after all, on account I being so busy with other important matters. Well, in the first place the horse racing business is in terrible shape as none of the horses was running in the order I set down for them.


Airport Construction Projects

THE DETROIT-WAYNE Industrial Airport Corp., owners of the milesquare airport on which Stinson Aircraft Corp. is located, recently announced plans for erection of a modern administration building. The building will be the first unit of a comprehensive development planned for the future.
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