March 15, 1930

Regulating Air Commerce Article V-Medical

WHAT OUR Readers Say

Minor Accidents and Insurance

Intermediate Landing Fields


Regulating Air Commerce Article V-Medical

PHYSICAL STANDARDS for airplane pilots have engaged the thought of interested physicians for about 15 years. At the beginning of the war there were no standards other than those for entrance to the military service. It was found that many deaths and accidents resulted from this standard, or rather, lack of standard.

WHAT OUR Readers Say

Minor Accidents and Insurance

In the January 18th number of AVIATION there appeared an editorial concerning Private Flying Clubs, which was read with a great deal of interest by the officers and members of our club. It told very accurately what the flying club situation is in this country.

Intermediate Landing Fields

AN AIRWAY is a navigable air space over a route provided with air navigation facilities. The essential difference between cross country flying and airway flying on scheduled operations on a safe airway is the ground facilities provided along the route to enable the flight to be continued under conditions of poor visibility by radio direction and communications or to provide for safe landing to await better weather.

Design in 1930

Ascendency of the Air-Cooled Radial— Diesels in Largest Sizes— Higher R.P.M.

As REGARDS the trends of the aircraft engine industry in the year to come, we can base our predictions only on the developments which have come to light in the immediate past, and on such developments as our limited scope embraces at the present.

Design in 1930

Higher Cruising Speeds Without Increase of Landing Speed

I WISH TO ADMIT that I have certain more or less definite points of view upon the various questions presented. However, I am not quite sure that I shall be able to answer them specifically as to the time limit (19301931), since some of the developments may take a whole series of years for realization, and it is impossible to foresee what part of the developments will be accomplished within the year 1930.

Design in 1930

Closer Government Regulation—Work Toward Standardized Installation Details

THESE EXPRESSIONS from engineers intimately connected with the design and development of aircraft engines seem rather well timed, as there is evidence of considerable diversity of opinion throughout the industry regarding the types best suited to the probable trend of future development.


Airport Construction Projects

FUNDS FOR FINANCING extensive improvements on the Jacksonville Municipal Airport were made available recently by the sale of a block of airport bonds amounting to $23,000. They represent the last of an issue voted for the airport some time ago.

Glider Regulation

ENTHUSIASM for the glider gains ground rapidly. It stands a respected and a welcome member of the aeronautical family. It is, in fact, in a little danger of that spoiling over-solicitude that traditionally menaces the most lately arrived member of a human family.

Slips Slps

FOR YEARS now aviation has had to compete with the radio for popularity with the general public in the newspapers and the stock market. At a time like this, when the public seems to have become a little less air-minded and a little more radio-minded it is tough to have a perfectly good news item taken away from us by a misguided headline writer.


Airway Briefs

Airport regulations recommended by the Aeronautics Branch have been adopted at Tampa Municipal Airport. Operation of the field has been placed in the hands of the department of public works. A series of four lectures on airport problems is being given at Harvard University Engineering School by Stedman S. Hanks.
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