April 5, 1930

The Third Annual All-American Aircraft Show

What the Industry Is Offering for 1930

The Packard Diesel Aircraft Engine


The Third Annual All-American Aircraft Show

Some Interesting High Lights on on Exhibits and Activities in Detroit During Air Show Week


What the Industry Is Offering for 1930

A Listing of the Various Products of Airplane and Engine Manufacturing Companies that Are Available Now or that Will be Placed on the Market This Year

The Packard Diesel Aircraft Engine

A Nine-Cylinder Radial Engine of CompressionIgnition Type Developing 225 Hp. on a Weight of 510 Lb.


The Aircraft Market in the West

An Informative Discussion of Past and Present Development, and the Prospects for Future Aircraft Sales West of the Great Divide


Developing the Foreign Aircraft Market

EXPORTS of aircraft, engines, parts and accessories from producing countries have increased rapidly during recent years, although international shipments of these products are small in comparison with those of other items of transportation equipment.


And Now Let's Get Down to Work

RECENTLY some seven hundred millions of dollars have been poured into aviation. Plane factories on every hand are attempting to get into production on this type or that. Schools here, there and everywhere are striving to graduate pilots as prospects for coming production.


Statistical Sources for Market Analysis

Concerning Available Statistics and Their Value to Aero Sales


Where Is My Wandering Market Today?

SPEAKING GENERALLY, the American aeronautical industry is divided into two classes of members . . . the optimists and the pessimists. However, between these two extremes is another group, a very small group, composed of people who are keeping their eyes on the ball and are neither optimistic, nor pessimistic regarding the results of their efforts.

The New Detroit City Airport

A FITTING EXAMPLE of how marshy, bushcovered wastelands can be converted into a public work arousing civic pride is the new Detroit City Airport on which the Motor City is being held this week, the third annual All-American Aircraft Show.


Selling the De Luxe Plane Market

WE OF THE INDUSTRY have always tended to he a bit romantic about this aviation business, and have too often treated the job of selling airplanes as an avocation, rather than a bread and butter vocation. Our general tendency during the years in which aviation has been growing up, was to fly and get others to fly, let the money take care of itself.

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