April 12, 1930

Why They Spin the Way They Do

The Story of Aircraft Tubing

What Our Readers Say


Why They Spin the Way They Do

An Account of the Spinning Characteristics of Several Airplanes Based on Flight Tests


The Story of Aircraft Tubing

The Second of a Series of Three Articles on the History and Characteristics


What Our Readers Say

Many congratulations on your editorial in AVIATION of Feb. 1. Public Non-Military Stunting is one of the biggest menaces which the Aviation Industry has to face and no one who stays with aviation in this country alone can realize just how serious it is.

Rate of Growth of the Aircraft Industry

MUCH as we might want to believe certain things to be true, as they are related to that branch of human endeavor in which we may happen to be engaged, yet from the standpoint of rational fact we are brought to remember that any industry, regardless of its character, when entering the economic structure soon establishes a rate of growth characteristic of itself and which is in more or less equilibrium with the ability and desire of the entire economy to receive it.


T. A. T.-Maddux Two-Way Radio Communication

A Review of the Troubles Encountered in the Development of the System that is Giving Real Service on the Company’s Lines


New Volumes for the Shelves

MR. LYTTON STRACHEY has remarked that the first requisite of a historian is ignorance, which automatically selects and leaves out the unimportant, the unessential, the irrelevant. In that sentence he hit upon the capital difficulty of biography when practiced upon bioplasm.


Airport Construction Projects

VICKSBURG, Miss., is faced with the problem of removing a cemetery in order fully to develop its municipal airport. Unless permission is obtained to remove the graves or to build the runway over them proper extension of the runway will be impossible.

English Air Debate Shows Industry Status

LONDON (ENGLAND)—A review of the past year’s accomplishments in English aviation and plans for the future is afforded in the air estimate speech made in the House of Commons March 18 and in the debate which followed it. As has been stated previously [see AVIATION for March 29], the estimate for 1930-31 is approximately $89,250,000.

Side Slips

WE HAVE long realized that one of the serious shortcomings of this column was that we didn’t have enough poetry in it and yet we have never been able to fill this need ourself, being about as poetical as a Model T Ford. Also we have hesitated to broadcast an appeal for poetical contributions as the majority of people have no more ability along this line than we have, but don’t know it.


Airway Briefs

At Tulsa, Okla., 400 employees of the city’s four airports and two airplane factories receive a monthly payroll of $80,000. Total investment in aeronautical enterprises in Tulsa is said to be about $5,000,000. During March, 3,160 passengers were carried by planes arriving at or leaving Oakland Municipal Airport, as compared with 2,738 the previous month.
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