May 3, 1930

Capital Investment in the Industry

New York Shows of the Past

State Control of Aviation in Connecticut


Capital Investment in the Industry

A Particularly Interesting Analysis of How Capital has Been Invested in Aeronautics and for What Purposes it has Been Expended


New York Shows of the Past

Six Exhibitions, From 1912 to 1930, Have Had Widely Varying Purposes and Results


State Control of Aviation in Connecticut

A Review of the Task of Building up the First State Aeronautics Department and How it has Brought About Air Regulation


Army Maneuvers on Coast Completed

26-Day Air Sham Battle Achievements Reviewed

The N. Y. Show in Prospect

Exposition at Madison Square Garden, May 3 to 11, Promises to be the Largest Ever Held in the East


Organization of Inspection in Airplane Production

DURING the past few years in aeronautical development, safety has been established as a characteristic of the airplane, and engineers have improved and refined aircraft to a degree of efficiency and dependability that has resulted in the application of the term “airworthy” to the approved type airplane.


List of Exhibitors at the N. Y. Show

American Sky Cadets (McFadden Publications), 1926 Broadway, N. Y. City; representative, H. J. Loftus. Abrams Aerial Survey, 800 Bauch Bldg., Lansing, Mich. ; representative, Tabert Abrams. Aero Digest, 220 West 42nd St., N. Y. City.

Aeronautical Finance

THE OUTSTANDING recent events, insofar as the aviation financial situation is concerned, have been the passage in the lower House of Congress of the Watres Bill proposing a change in compensation for air mail carriage from a poundage to a space, weight, and mileage basis; and the struggle between the United Aircraft & Transport Corp. and the C. M. Keys’ interests for control of the National Air Transport Co.


Alaskan Airways Make Rapid Progress

Development Thus Far Has Speeded Up Travel in the Interior and Has Benefited Industry in General


Side Slips

WE READ in the news that some one is proposing to one of the towns on Long Island that it develop some of its public land as an airport with a golf course adjoining. Having witnessed the interesting fight between Roosevelt Field and the golf course adjoining it, we’d suggest that the designer of this new proposed course make his outlay so rough and adorned with trees that it won’t be the best spot in the neighborhood for pilots to indulge in forced landings.

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