May 10, 1930

Aeronautical Finance

General News

Airports and Airlines


Aeronautical Finance

STAKING ITS REPUTATION on a forecast that improvement in the general volume of business over the country will, from now on, show more than the normal seasonal advance, the Harvard Economic Society specifically says “the business improvement that appeared during March was of about seasonal proportions.


General News

NEW YORK (N. Y.)—Presenting to its visitors the finest assemblage of transport carriers ever exhibited at an air show in this country, the two-million-dollar New York Aircraft Salon is now in progress at Madison Square Garden, where it was opened on May 3.


Airports and Airlines

WASHINGTON (D. c.)—The exhaustive series of tests of the value of various sprinkler systems in controlling hangar fires of all kinds was continued through last week at the Bureau of Standards here and came to a conclusion Friday, May 2. The official report of the fact-finding committee, which conducted the tests under the auspices of the National Board of Fire Underwriters and various government groups, is being compiled and will be issued soon.

The Penetration of Light Through Fog

THE INVESTIGATION was initiated by the Experimental Engineering Section, Materiel Division, at Wright Field, as a part of the general program for developing aids to fog-flying and fog-landing. A great service would be rendered to aerial transportation, both commercial and military, were some kind of light radiation found that would penetrate fog more effectively than any now in use.


What Our Readers Say

For a long period of time I have been reading with increasing respect your sound and logical editorials. For the first time, then, I wish to take exception to one of them. I do not agree with your conclusion in the editorial of March 29, 1930, entitled Pilot Responsibility, that a pilot’s decision to take off should be subject to the veto of “someone with long flying experience.”

The Boeing 80-A

New Hornet-Powered Plane Designed to Accommodate 18 Passengers, or 12 Passengers and a Mail and Express Cargo



REVIEWING in retrospect the aviation ensemble as presented at Detroit, a shift in controlling forces is manifest. Chronologically, the very earliest expressions of aviation development were primarily affected by the pilot—his judgment the alpha and omega of design influence.

Foreign Activities

MEXICO CITY (MEXICO)—Mexican Ministry of War and Marine has authorized the purchase of 60 additional airplanes, 30 of which will be for the Army Air Service, and 30 for the School of Applied Aeronautics. The planes themselves will be built at the aircraft factory recently established by Gen. Juan F. Azcarate and associates.

Thirty Cent Protection for a Million Dollar Ship

Some Very Interesting Comments and Comparisons of Present Day Aeronautical Lighting Facilities


Transport Terminal Maintenance

A Discussion of Many Different Systems of Maintenance Now in Use at Air Terminals

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