May 24, 1930

Airplane and Engine Specifications

The N. A. C. A. Meets the Industry

What Our Readers Say


Airplane and Engine Specifications


The N. A. C. A. Meets the Industry

Technical Progress Reviewed and Problems Presented at Fifth Langley Field Conference


What Our Readers Say

The letter of Mr. Francis C. Harwood in your March 15 number is very interesting, for there is no doubt that, from the airplane operator’s standpoint, it is pure folly to carry any kind of insurance with the exception of fire on the ground and the liability lines.

The Second National Airport Conference

A Review of the Committee Reports Read During Three Day Meeting of the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce


Problems of Aerial Photography in Alaska

THE ALASKA Mapping Expedition which during the summer of 1929 mapped 13,000 sq. miles of southeast Alaska employed four OL-8A amphibians equipped and available for mapping flights. Two planes were used for mapping, one for oblique photographs and the fourth as a standby.


Aluminum Weliding in Aircraft Design

THE METHODS of joining metals are of fundamental importance, as a structure is dependent upon the strength of the joints. Aircraft welding is the application of the general principles of welding to a particular field. A knowledge of the methods of joining metals is essential for every mechanic, draughtsman and engineer engaged in the construction and repair of aircraft.


Aeronautical Finance

Now THAT the current year is well under way with the stock market seemingly adjusting itself to a level more in accord with actual conditions it becomes interesting to apply the "price-earnings” ratio test to the current market quotations of aviation stocks.


Abstracts and Reviews

AN INTERESTING and useful booklet, describing California’s airports and intermediate flying fields, has been compiled and published by the Airways Service Division, the Department of Aviation of the Richfield Oil Company of California.

Show Value, How Much, To Whom, and When?

HAT AIRCRAFT SHOWS are of value is a foregone conclusion. The extent of that value and to whom is a horse of a different hue. On one side we hear that shows are of great sales value, but there are too many of them. On the other side we hear that they are of great educational value, and that there should be more shows and better located.


Airway Briefs

Air mail pilots flying between New York and Miami have been requested to report forest fires along the route, and fourteen were reported one night recently by Walter J. Shaffer, Eastern Air Transport pilot. Tickets for airlines operating from Hamburg, Germany, are now sold regularly on all steamships belonging to the United States Lines.
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