May 31, 1930

Economics and the Aircraft Industry

Training of Commercial Pilots in Germany

The Problems of Polar Flying


Economics and the Aircraft Industry

Discussed Along with Design, Engines, Production and Aerodynamics at Dayton Session of .A.S.M.E.


Training of Commercial Pilots in Germany

As IS well known, Germany has no military aviation and, for that reason, much of the money and effort that would normally he spent for the training and education of military and naval pilots can be diverted to the development of men for commercial work.


The Problems of Polar Flying

Some Interesting High Lights on Sir Hubert Wilkins' Aerial Ventures into the Arctic and Antarctic Regions Are Told Here


Ship to Shore Air Mail Service

An Account of Early Experiments and Present Day Operation by the French Line and the North German Lloyd


Problems of the Small Dealer

Regarding the Methods and Policies to be Adopted by Him in Building Up an Efficient and Profitable Organization


Abstracts and Reviews

Air Cooling and Townend Rings

What Our Readers Say

Airline Revenue To THE EDITOR : Through your magazine, AVIATION, I have been following the efforts being made to stimulate passenger carrying by “publicity,” “reduction of rates,” etc., and I wonder if we are really making progress. Let me qualify my remarks by saying that I am not in the aviation business and my only connection with it is chairman of a Commission of five men that operates a small municipal Airport.

Aeronautical Finance

In Re Mr. Parlin’s Prediction As WE ARE NOW entering upon the season where prophecies particularly those coming from outside the industry regarding aviation’s future seem to be rapidly mounting it might be of interest to augment some of the outstanding forecasts by a rough estimate of the dollar costs of their fulfillment.


Northwest Aero Show Will Run From June 2-9

ST. PAUL (MINN.)—The Northwest Aircraft Exposition opening here on June 2 under the management of Ray Krimm is expected to have on display more than twenty planes and gliders. Herbert D. Putnam, of the SchleeBrock Aircraft Corp., is technical director of the show, which will run until June 7.

Side Slips

How TO BUY A JENNY THE INTREPID AVIATOR and his partner-in-crime, The Sterling Mechanic, came in the office the other day and laid the following sheaf of notes on our desk, after first clearing a space by removing a number of our cigars. They explained that nowadays it was getting increasingly harder to obtain a good Jenny from any source, and they thought that the readers of AVIATION might appreciate a few experienced pointers on what to look for when buying a Jenny.

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