June 14, 1930

Aircraft Drafting

The Canadian Air Mail

Safety in Aviation and the Public's Reaction


Aircraft Drafting

A Discussion of Present Practice with a Comparison to other Fields and Suggestions for Simplification


The Canadian Air Mail

THE DEVELOPMENT of the air mail in Canada is for various reasons of pertinent interest to the United States. In view of the ever closer commercial approach of the Dominion and Republic, with increasing mail communication involved, correlation of services in the two countries is an important consideration.


Safety in Aviation and the Public's Reaction

40th Division Aviation California National Guard


What Our Readers Say

With the opening of the season for spectacular flights, I have noted in the daily press the growing sentiment that such flights should be judged by their success and treated accordingly by the newspapers. While this is doubtless an excellent idea, it seems to me that the criterion rather should be the significance of the flight from the standpoint of aeronautical science.

A Code System for Airplane Materials

A Description of Ryan’s Factory System Which Eliminates Unnecessary Production Department Detail and Speeds Up Results in Cost Work


The Law and the Operator

Liabilities Imposed by Law on Carriers of Passengers for Hire


Side Slips

IF THERE is another sudden rush of young men into aeronautics you can credit part of it to a recent headline in the New York Times (also discovered by R.H.J.) “Smith Says He Flew Only Seventy Miles In The Antarctic, Or A Month’s Work Back Home.”


Aeronautical Finance

CONSIDERING DRASTIC capital deflation with which this industry was confronted at the beginning of the year, coupled with the sub-normal conditions existing throughout the entire business community, it is surprising that many of the first quarter reports have proved no more discouraging than their abridged disclosures now indicate.


Advantages of Trailing Antennas for Aircraft Radio

Regarding the Superioity of the Trailing Type Over the Vertical Antenna From the Standpoint of Aircraft Ignition Shielding


Abstracts and Reviews

THE RESULTS of experiments conducted in different wind tunnels have always shown discrepancies, sufficient in many cases to prevent direct comparisons. Naturally there has always been a demand from the aircraft designers that wind tunnels be standardized.
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