June 7, 1930

General News


Mail Payment Rates Announced

Aeronautical Finance


General News

LAKEHURST (N. J.)—Having covered more than 13,000 mi. in 204 hr. of actual flying time, the Graf Zeppelin arrived here on its Pan-American flight, May 31, at 7:25 a.m., and through the efforts of a comparatively small ground force using the mobile stub mooring mast was soon berthed in the hangar.


Mail Payment Rates Announced

WASHINGTON (D. C.)—Postmaster General Brown announced May 27 the formula for determining the rates of pay to air mail route certificate holders, under the provisions of the Watres bill. The basic rates are as follows: $.55 per mile for 200 lb.


Aeronautical Finance

FORESHADOWING significant developments in the financial structure and better integrated organization of this industry comes the announcement of the formation of the General Aviation Corp.—all of which means that large and conservative financial interests more or less directly connected with the House of Morgan are concerning themselves with aviation in more than a superficial or stock-jobbing way.


Operating Short Haul Air Ferries

WORLD-WIDE attention has been attracted to the operations of Air Ferries, Ltd., which inaugurated an amphibion service on Feb. 1, 1930, operating between San Francisco and Oakland across six miles of open bay on a six-minute schedule from dock to dock.


The Curtiss Condor

THE CURTISS Condor Transport, several of which are in daily operation in the service of T.A.T., is a commercial conversion of the Condor B-20 Bomber. Following a redesign of the military craft, the first commercial Condor was test flown during the Summer of 1929 and shortly afterward placed in T.A.T. service.


Airline Communication By Telephone Type Writer Service

A Description of the Equipment Which Permits Instantaneous Communication Between All Stations


Taking Prohibitions Off Foreign Trade

Making Aerial Mapping Pay

AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY has advanced rapidly in methods during the last few years owing to improvements in equipment and the fine advance made in design of planes and engines. In the early days we were limited to pusher type planes and later to the Jns with open cockpits.

Foreign Activities

BERLIN (GERMANY). — Provisional recommendations only were adopted by the First International Conference on Aviation Lighting which opened in Berlin April 28. After further study, the proposals will be submitted to the International Commission on Illumination, which will meet in England next year.

What Our Readers Say

For some time I have had this idea I am going to give you, in my mind. I have been sitting here reading AVIATION, and decided it would be a good time to pass the buck—talk responsibility to someone else. In this town of less than three thousand persons four men whom I personally know are "nuts” over airplanes.
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