April 1, 1934

News of the Month

The Flight of the "Tingmissartoq"

American Airplane Specifications


News of the Month

TEN FATALITIES among Army fliers since the command to take over the mail was issued and a mounting tide of public criticism against the advisability of using the Air Corps in a capacity for which they had obviously not been trained, elicited an order from President Roosevelt through Secretary of War Dern on March 10 to “stop carrying of mail except under such conditions as would insure against constant recurrence of fatal accidents.”

The Flight of the "Tingmissartoq"

The authoritative account of the 1933 survey flights of the Lindberghs


American Airplane Specifications

AVIATION does not assume responsibility for the figures given General Power Plant Weights Performance Designation A.T.C. number Price at factory Type Number of seats Make of engine Total rated hp. R.p.m. at rated hp. Fuel capacity (gal.)

Air Mail Legislation in the Making

Congress debates new codes full of startling features

Cruising Control in Transport Operation

COMMERCIAL air transport operators have usually set up their own limitations for cruising. Those having a long background of equipment-maintenance problems determine their limitations at a point where the demand for increased speed meets the demands for decreased maintenance costs and increased reliability of performance.


More About the Sikorsky S-42

A new Super-Clipper for Pan American Airways

Li. The Army Flies the Mail

THE ARMY AIR CORPS has suffered severely through the air mail cancellation. It has lost four men actually flying the mail, and seven more in preliminary practice and in ferrying ships and the like. It has had about half a million dollars’ worth of equipment washed out.


American Engine Specifications

AVIATION does Hot assume responsibility for the figures given Manufacturer Model Cooling System D. of C. License Number Cylinder Arrangement Propeller Drive H.P. at RPM. a at Altitude. ft. Octane Fuel Total dry without -hub or starter lb. per hp.

New Volumes for the Shelves

INSTRUMENT FLYING, by Howard C. Stark; Published by James Stark, Pawling, N. Y.; 1934; 76 pages; $2. "INSTRUMENT FLYING” is especially written for pilots engaged in airline operation. There seems to be a need for a co-ordinate system of instruction in the technique of blind flying, and Mr. Stark should be congratulated for publishing a book which fills this need.

Side Slips

THE GODS who watch over Mount Everest were very much angered at the completion of a successful flight over the summit by British pilots last April. This anger of the gods, according to the natives of the Kingdom of Nepal, in the Himalaya mountains, was responsible for a recent very destructive earthquake upheaval in India which killed thousands of people and caused a great amount of damage.

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