May 1, 1934

News of the Month

Performance Testing and Engine Power

Spring Opening


News of the Month

ON MARCH 30, two days after Postmaster General Farley’s announcement that the air mail service would be returned to private contractors as soon as possible (AVIATION, April, page 118), the Post Office Department issued advertisements for temporary bids for 21 routes, and followed them with a second set of advertisements for four additional routes one week later.

Performance Testing and Engine Power

The third article of a series on the definition and control of cruising conditions


Spring Opening

Formal prelude to an air mail shuffle

Window Displays

The author, who was formerly manager of the transport section of the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce, has discovered some fundamental principles that should be of interest to those who are charged with the duty of dressing up the ticket office windows.


Forgotten Fliers

The fixed-base operator has his day in Congress

Under the White Eagle

American Airways inaugurates a modern repair and overhaul plant at Chicago


Following the West,—

China becomes one of the World’s great aeronautical frontiers and one of the greatest of markets


Things Are Looking Up

VIEWING WITH ALARM is a distasteful pro cedure, and one which is always a pleasure to stop. Unfortunately we have had a lot of it to do in the last two or three months, and it is with profound relief that we seize on the chance to herald the end of the head-shaking period and the coming resumption of orderly development.


New Volumes for the Shelves

A STANDARDIZED annual of this sort must follow very much the same form year after year, and it is hardly possible to find anything to distinguish the current volume in principle from its predecessors Like them it will be accepted as a necessary tool for constant use by every engineer and constructor of aircraft and engines, by all writers on aeronautics or students of aeronautical developments, and by large-scale operators who want to compare their own activities with those of similar enterprises in other countries.

To See Or Not to See

A question of considerable importance to the airplane pilot
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