March 1, 1937

1,000,000 Passengers Can't Be Wrong

We Lead the Way

“Like a Kitten” in Sound-Proofed Sleepers


1,000,000 Passengers Can't Be Wrong

The story of some of the people who made American Airlines what it is to-day

We Lead the Way

AMERICA is justly proud of her commercial air transport. None other of her industries has made such brilliant progress in so short a time. No other has ever attracted to it such a distinguished clientele,—nor drawn into its ranks such enthusiastic and outstandingly competent talent.


“Like a Kitten” in Sound-Proofed Sleepers

PASSENGERS SLEEPING COMFORTABLY IN AIRPLANES cruising close to 200 miles an hour are beginning to complain of being awakened by over-enthusiastic snoring or the click of a reading light switch from the far end of the cabin. No surprise then if companies operating the latest Douglas DSTs must soon display the familiar “Quiet is requested for the benefit of those who have retired” sign in night flying airliners.


Seaplane Handling

The third of three articles on The Technique of Water Flying


Aviation People

Who's who and what they are doing

Flashes From the Skyways of the World


Show Goes West

2nd Annual National Pacific Aircraft & Boat Show
Flying Equipment

Lockheed Building 265 M.P.H. Transport

New high speed transport to be flown next month.

Our Two Planes Are Indispensable

ONLY A FEW YEARS AGO I foolishly said I would never fly. I thought that aviation was not safe and I had too many responsibilities to take any chances in the air. However, I was persuaded to take a little spin over Lake George in an amphibian plane owned by Noel Macy who had an exceptionally good pilot from the Sikorsky factory.

News of the month

More Big Planes

Eastern orders more Douglases. month. Court rules for airline PAA service to China starts this
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