June 1, 1939

America's Answer

Stacks and Rings

Wings on the Wind


America's Answer

Gearing Our Aviation Industry to the National Defense


Stacks and Rings

Part III—Carburetor Air Preheat


Wings on the Wind

Remarkable progress in gliding and soaring in Europe is disclosed in this report on design and technique in Germany and Italy.


AC for Aircraft

WHILE some of the early types of airplanes carried a storage battery, it was invariably used for ignition and, therefore, cannot be considered as intended for supplying auxiliary electric power. The battery, however, was used for this purpose when instrument board lights—the first demand for auxiliary electric power— were installed.

The Aviation News

Aviation Manufacturing

WITH Southern California aircraft factories operating at new high levels the month of May found factory expansions still the order of the day. At the Lockheed Aircraft Corp., where 1938 factory additions had brought total floor space to over 330,000 sq. ft., a new overhaul and service building was being rushed to completion.
The Aviation News

Aviation Abroad

THAT DREAM of Russia’s of trans-Arctic Airlines connecting Moscow with the Western hemisphere is certainly not dead. Anyone who got within questioning distance of General Kokkinaki and Major Gordienko and their interpreters during their recent visit to Washington and New York, can assure you of that.

Aviation Operators Corner

Hampered by lack of wind or thermals, the second annual gliding and soaring meet staged at Arvin, Calif., by the Southern California Soaring Association resulted in much public interest, wide participation, and some notable performances.

Pilots By the Thousands

THE remarkably efficient and dependable service that the airlines have been giving, together with the Munich Conference and subsequent events in Europe, have focused public attention on aviation as never before, and most of this attention is favorable.


Aviation Radio

THE HARVEY RADIO LABORATORIES, Cambridge, working in collaboration with the Boston-Maine Airways and Pennsylvania-Central Airlines, have recently brought out a combined transmitter-receiver for airports. The transmitter has 50 watts output power and operates, crystal control, anywhere in the region from 2,500 to 7,000 kc., either unmodulated, tone modulated or voice-modulated.
The Aviation News

National Avation

FOR THE FIRST TIME in two years the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics played host on May 2 to the American Aeronautical Industry represented by four hundred engineers, scientists, plant and airline officials and a small sprinkling of the press.
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