July 1, 1939

Who's Who in Airline Maintenance

Servicing Our Flying Fleet

Douglas Backlog Sets New Record for Industry

Aviation Manufacturing


Who's Who in Airline Maintenance

Probably the greatest contribution to airline safety in America has been through the cooperative work of the Maintenance Committee of the A.T.A. Here is the story of how it all came about, by the man who has been largely responsible for the remarkable success of the whole project.


Servicing Our Flying Fleet

Good maintenance is the essence of safe operation on the long overwater flights that are routine for Naval air missions. The author is now in charge of aircraft maintenance in the Bureau of Aeronautics.

Douglas Backlog Sets New Record for Industry

Aviation Manufacturing

Production at the Lockheed plant during June slipped smoothly into high gear as five of the 14B twin-engine bomber transports rolled out of the factory every four days, and this rate was expected to hit three planes every two days before mid-summer.

A 500-Cycle Blind Landing System

IN 1920 there was developed a most interesting device or system which came to be known as the Ambrose Channel Piloting Cable. This consisted of an armored submarine cable which was laid on the floor of Ambrose Channel in New York harbor from the lightship to a point on the Brooklyn shore; a distance of approximately five miles.


Check and Double Check

The exacting requirements met by manufacturers in building Air Corps machines are matched by methods of maintenance in service. The author has had long experience in maintenance work in the Army. He is an Honorary Member of the Maintenance Committee.


Maintenance Training

Aircraft maintenance has become an engineering problem of the first order. Here is the story of how one of our outstanding schools has set up and equipped a special course for maintenance engineers.


Picked Up Along Editorial Airways

HOCUS POCUS and mumbo jumbo are meat and drink for most Congressmen, but few Congressional committees have been subjected to such a barrage of scientific abacadabra as was handed out by one Willis G. Waldo to the Senate Committee on Military Affairs at the hearings on S-1738, a “bill authorizing the establishment and authorization of a military aircraft engineering center to determine costs . . . and for other purposes . . ."

Transport Aviation

With three big Boeing-314 flying boats already shuttling back and forth between the United States and Europe on a weekly mail service via the “southern route,” Pan American Airways announced on June 12 a series of immediate forward steps in that service.
D.L.H. Traffic Drops

Aviation Abroad

The British are getting quite cocky over their production figures. No official data that mean anything have been put out—it’s always in the form that production now is 305 per cent greater than it was sometime else—but the general impression has got around that it’s now up even with Germany’s or a little better.
Flying Equipment

Ken-Royce Model 7F

Higher rating approved for Development of Le Blond 7DF
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