September 1, 1940

Mainliner Maintenance

Airline Research

Twenty Years of Airline Progress


Mainliner Maintenance

United Air Lines takes great pride in its mechanics. There's ample reason!

Airline Research

Research of today indicates what will be the air trans portation of tomorrow. The thoroughness of its work brings every passenger under its constant investigation.


Twenty Years of Airline Progress

AIRLINE WEATHER MEN were not always the careful scientists they are today. In the early airmail days a pilot telephoned ahead to the caretaker of an emergency landing field and enquired, “How high is your ceiling?” The caretaker took a quick glance around his office and replied, “About 10 ft., I think, but if you wait a minute I’ll measure it.”

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National Aviation

Down the Potomac a quick mile they are laying asphaltic concrete runways and raising buildings on the new Gravelly Point national airport. Runways, about 21,000 ft., will be ready for use in late October, but the taxiways and buildings will take till November some time.
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Aviation Manufacturing

Washington (AVIATION BUREAU) : Vast expansion of this country’s air forces, particularly as contemplated in the pending $5,000,000,000 appropriation, raises anew the problem of allocation of airplane production as between this country and Britain.

Curtiss Propeller Production

The Curtiss Propeller plant is one of the key units of the defense program. This is a story of the excellent job they are doing, after expanding more than twenty times their size in two years.
Flying Equipment

The Pitcairn Whirl Wing

The new "jump" autogyro designed by Pitcairn has been a big step in rotary wing aircraft, and its roadability feature should be of great interest to the commercial operator.


Challenge to Industry’s Patrioti Sm

Calls for Plain Speaking
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Aviation Finance

Vultee Aircraft will receive additional plant space for the defense program through acquisition of the Stinson division of Aviation Mfg. Corp. in exchange for 302,168 shares of Vultee stock. This shuffle of properties controlled by Aviation Corp.

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Aviation Engineering

Pratt & Whitney Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary
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