October 1, 1940

Factory Training in the East

THE Aviation NEWS

National Aviation

THE Aviation NEWS

Aviation Manufacturing


Factory Training in the East

The National Defense program will call for a five-fold increase in men for aircraft and engine plants. Where to get these men and how to train them is a major problem.

THE Aviation NEWS

National Aviation

Washington (AVIATION BUreau)—At last the civil pilot training program is definitely military. On Sept. 12, Administrator Col. Donald H. Connolly announced that new CPT candidates will be asked to pledge themselves to enter the air service.
THE Aviation NEWS

Aviation Manufacturing

Here is a tabulation of Army and Navy orders for planes and engines since June 1 to date of going to press. It may be a few squadrons of planes or millions of dollars wrong. There wasn’t a summary of orders existing in Washington the day we did this one.

Curtiss Propeller Production

This second part of the production at the Curtiss Propeller Division includes a description of manufacturing their now famous steel bladed propeller, a great contribution to aviation.

Aviation Financial Outlook Improves

ONEROUS as the new excess profits tax measure may be, the aircraft manufacturers, as indicated last month, will not be prevented from operating at profitable levels. Final passage of the tax bill, moreover, may be expected to exert a constructive influence on aircraft securities.


Research Girds for War-part Ii

Only through research can this country keep ahead of the aeronautical procession. Here is the story of the National Defense Research Committee



You've seen these blimps floating jauntily about in the sky. This is the story of their successful operation over more than a score of years.


Training Flying Cadets at Civilian Schools

THE Devil could hardlv devise a more fiendish torment than is imposed on those of us who live in the heart of “vacation-land’’ and yet can find no time for vacation. But in this period of national emergency we must all do our part. That is why cadets and instructors alike at the Ryan School of Aeronautics turn a deaf ear these days to the call of the bounding waves of the blue Pacific, the sunbathed sands, and the Southern California bathing beauties, and bend with a will to the task of building up Uncle Sam’s aerial army just as fast as possible.


Canada's Warplane Industry

What twelve months has accomplished in building a permanent aircraft industry


Where Are Those Profits?

The huge profits alleged to have been made in the aviation business are largely mythical. Here is the story of what two plants do with their money—where it is distributed, and how much is left for profits to the manufacturer and his stockholders.
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