November 1, 1940

How Aircraft Factories Find Their Men

Bombers in Quantity

To Sue Or Not to Sue


How Aircraft Factories Find Their Men

Airplane plants on the West Coast have increased their manpower from 15,000 to 45,000 within a year. Thousands more will be hired. This is where they come from.


Bombers in Quantity

When engineers in competing organizations say, "They do a fine production job,"—that s news. The Martin engineering staff is praised throughout the industry for it's efficient work.


To Sue Or Not to Sue

Airport owners have been sued on many occasions for maintaining a nuisance. Neighbors build obstructions to keep planes grounded. But an airport owner has legal rights of his own, as this article indicates.

THE Aviation NEWS

National Aviation

Washington (AVIATION. BUREAU)—Politicians and their hired men have been confusing the record regarding the civil pilot training program of the Civil Aeronautics Administration. Because this project has been set up as a vital part of national defense, this journal has checked up thoroughly and reports, without prejudice, the facts.
THE Aviation NEWS

Aviation Manufacturing

Washington (AVIATION BUREAU)—Army announced last month that last ship in its 19,000-plane program had been placed under contract—about three weeks after the bulk of the money became available and a little over three months after money for the partial 4,000plane program was appropriated.

Cutting Production Costs By Die Casting

One manufacturer saved 88 percent of the cost of turning out 500 parts by using die casting rather than conventional methods. This is how it is done.


Getting the Most Out of Machines

A VITAL PART of the aircraft industry is that institution known to airplane manufacturers as “outside production.” It is an institution because it began when aircraft making was born in this country more than a quarter of a century ago, and it developed with the industry.


More Fun at the Airport

Turn your airport into a country club, and you'll attract the luxury trade. Here is how to do it.


Airline Navigation Was Different in Europe

Although we operate the most efficient airlines in the world, we can still learn a few lessons from foreign airlines. Pilots believe our weakest point is navigation. With larger ships and instrument landings soon due, it is well to consider how the world's oldest airline does its navigating.


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