August 1, 1941

Twenty-Five Years of Airplane Development

Condors and Humming Birds

As We Were


Twenty-Five Years of Airplane Development

In the span of years between the Jenny and the B-19, a great deal has happened in the growth of the airplane.


Condors and Humming Birds

The confidential, inside facts on why the West Coast became the Promised Land for airplane manufacturers—told by our Pacific Coast Editor, who is a third-generation, dyed-in-the-wool Californian


As We Were

Random reminiscences of the NACA of twenty-five years ago as told to the Coordinator of Research by Dr. George Lewis, John Victory, Dr. Edward Warner, Dr. William Durand, and others of the early organization


Twenty-Five Years of Progress in Materials

The Army has done a man-sized job in testing and using new materials.


Air Transport Progress Through 25 Years

This is an "I knew them when" article about the airlines and their men, by one who ought to know.


The Growth of Army Aviation

From 1916 to 1941 an entirely new concept of air power has grown up in the Army. Here are some of the high lights of Army aviation history

Filling Up the Instrument Panel

Early airplanes had no instruments at all. Now a large transport has them by the score. This is a brief but interesting story of the development of aircraft instruments.


The Messerschmitt Me 109 Radio

Here is an interesting description of the radio equipment now being used in one of the most popular Nazi fighters.


Twenty-Five Years of Engine Development*

From a development viewpoint, 100 years of engine progress has taken place in the past 25 years.

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