September 1, 1941

Airplane Hydraulic Systems

Navigation with the D/F Loop

Flying Test Stand


Airplane Hydraulic Systems

AS the science of aerodynamics developed, it was learned that higher efficiency of aircraft could be obtained by the reduction of its parasite drag. Experiments made by the N.A.C.A. and many schools interested in the subject have discovered that the resistance of the landing gear sometimes runs up to 40% of the total drag.


Navigation with the D/F Loop

Principles of the Radio Direction Finding Loop


Flying Test Stand

New instruments and methods in flight testing aircraft engines constitute a laboratory aloft


Japanese Air Power

In view of the significance of aviation activity in the Pacific, this accurate appraisal of Japanese air power is paticularly timely.


Konshin— Emperor of the Campo

How Barreiras Airport was carved from the heart of the Brazilian jungle


Airplane Specification Engineering

Describing the work of the Specification Staff at Lockheed


Buyer's Log Book

What's New in Accessories, Materials, Supplies, and Equipment

Ten-Fold Expansion

How Eclipse Aviation has prepared for defense by expanding its facilities


Aviation's Accelerated Production

THE ability to produce aircraft in volume is the key to profitable operations in the aircraft industry today. This point—long emphasized in this column—is reflected in the semi-annual reports for 1941 released by leading aircraft builders.


British Tube and Section Forming

ONE of the important operations in aircraft construction is the bending of thin-walled metal tubing accurately to given radii. Where formerly the results, dependent almost entirely on the human element, were varied and uncertain, today they are as precise as the boring of a cylinder or any other task performed to close tolerances.

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