January 17, 1944

Reconversion and Contract Termination


CAB Action

Aviation News

Initial Success of Jet Propulsion Opens Wide Field in War, Civil Use


Reconversion and Contract Termination

AMERICAN industry is dedicated to an all-out effort to achieve victory, and its good faith - in this direction is amply demonstrated by the results. American industry also is dedicated to making democracy work effectively after the victory.

CAB Action

CAB was notified by Alabama Public Service Commission that, following hearings in November before the Commission on applications of Waterman Airlines and Aero Express of Alabama for intrastate air service, the attorney general of Alabama handed down an opinion that the Public Service Commission did not have jurisdiction and authority to grant certificates of public convenience and necessity.

Aviation News

Initial Success of Jet Propulsion Opens Wide Field in War, Civil Use

High performance of Army’s new twin-engine combat plane encourages officials, although much time is required for production and tests; Bell plane similar to A-20 in appearance.

Washington Observer

THE ARMY REVEALS — Don’t overlook Northrop’s new night fighter, the P-61 “Black Widow,” amidst the excitement and conjecture surrounding the jet propulsion announcement. There was considerable speculation in aviation circles as to what prompted the Army to make two such important announcements almost simultaneously.


William H. McAvoy, chief test pilot of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, has been selected to receive the Octave Chanute Award for 1943. This award is given annually for a notable contribution to aeronautical sciences made by a pilot.

Navy Planes, Increased 280 Percent in ’43, to Double Again in ’44

High quality of aircraft, held among best in the world, credited as vital factor in victories of fleet aircraft.

Trainer Cutbacks Clear Way for Latest Model Warplanes

OWI explains curtailments in non-combat aircraft and obsolete models; record backlogs announced by leading aircraft manufacturing companies.

Aviation News

Liquid Vs Aircooled Motors Discussed

Relative merits of liquid cooling as compared to air cooling of engines were referred to briefly by C. A. Stamm and W. E. McCravey, engineering department, Chrysler Corp., in a paper presented at the recent meeting of the Society of Automotive Engineers.
Aviation News

Technical Advances in Aviation Discussed at SAE Detroit Meeting

New President William S. James predicts continued use by competing companies of wartime policy of pooling technical knowledge developed through air laboratory research.


Aircraft Equities Selling at Prices Equal to Last Year’s Earnings

Study of Beech and other companies reveals curious sidelight in shares of plane manufacturing firms; 1943 net expected to top previous year.

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