November 1, 1944

Civil Operations

Mexico Offers Flyers Thin Air. . . and Opportunities


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What's Ahead for the Helicopter?

Civil Operations

Mexico Offers Flyers Thin Air. . . and Opportunities

Below the border—where the airman finds high altitudes "make things happen faster"—there's plenty of room for both pleasure and profitable flying. But, says Author Nolan, the crying need for aviation facilities continues to be a barrier.


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Circuit Breaker 64 Now in production is new single-pole circuit breaker for 240v. a.c. and 125v. d.c., 50 amp. max. It may be front or rear connected and has instantaneous trip or selection of three time delays. Measuring 5%-in. long by 2 11/16-in. high, and 1%-in. wide, breaker is made by Heinemann Circuit Breaker Co., Trenton, N. J.—AVIATION, Nov., ’44.

What's Ahead for the Helicopter?

Objectively gaging the key factors of utility, performance, design, and price, the author envisions specific postwar roles for the rotor craft but sees the public market awaiting subsequent growth over a period of years. Meantime, he warns against overdoses of pessimism as a remedy for unsupported optimism, declaring the logical development lies between the two.

Aviation Research—Engineering—Production

Basic Drives for Helicopters

Presented here is a simple and effective introduction to the timely subject of helicopters. Beginning with the roadable autogiro—the transitional design between automobile and 'copter—the various arrangements and functions of basic transmission units in singlerotor, bi-axial, and co-axial rotor craft are clearly analyzed.*


A Plane Is as Fit as Its Finish

Knowing that corrosion wins a quick victory when that finish isn't "right," AEA paint experts made a concentrated study of finish factors—and came up with a special technique which eliminates need for a priming coat.

Aviation Research—Engineering—Production

Analysis of Continuous Beams Having Variable Moments of Inertia

Presenting a comparison of the conventional (constant I) and general (varying I) forms of the theorem of three moments for the more unusual conditions of beam loading.


Design and Construction of Nazi V-1 Flying Bomb

Presenting heretofore unrevealed details of one of this war's most destructive weapons—what it is and how it works.


How Calculated Cruising Foolproofs Long-Range Flights

When you're en route carrying maximum payload on a minimum quantity of fuel, it's imperative to be able to determine in a jiffy if you've sufficient fuel reserve to get you there, or to turn and fly back, or to reach an alternate point. Here's a pertinent treatment of long-range cruising technique for trans-ocean flight.


Give 'em the Data ... and They'll Fix It—Fast

To CARRY OUT its comprehensive operations, the Fourth Echelon base is set up and operated in a manner somewhat resembling an airframe manufacturing plant, the principal difference being the diversified nature of the work, consequent shorter “runs”, and the unpredictable nature of the emergencies to be met.

Aviation Research—Engineering—Production

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