November 6, 1944

Russia Threat... Or Promise?



Record Earnings of Airlines Not Likely to Affect Dividends


Russia Threat... Or Promise?

WHEN this war is ended, two nations—the United States and Russia—will possess the bulk of the world’s military and industrial might. Whether this new situation will hold seeds of catastrophe or of unprecedented opportunity will be determined by policies . . . still to be formulated.


S. C. Bennett recently has joined the staff of the Lawrence Aeronautical Corp., at Linden. N. J., as chief engineer. Bennett has been associated with Bell Aircraft Corp. at Buffalo and Marietta, Ga. since 1942, and was previously associated with Ranger Aircraft Engines at Farmingdale, L. I. Bennett has had extensive experience dealing with engineering problems and organizing engineering departments.

Record Earnings of Airlines Not Likely to Affect Dividends

Return of more planes to industry has given sharp fillip to incomes but bulk of funds is expected to be ploughed back into business in view of great need for capital.

Battleship-carrier Fleet Task Force Proves Efficacy in Philippines

Combination of mutually dependent units working in close coordination shows devastating effectiveness.

Washington Observer

MARTIN PERSONAL PLANE—Reports that Glenn L. Martin Co. has some engineers devoting spare time to design of several types of personal airplanes are confirmed by reliable, though not direct, sources. Appointment of Martin as a member of the Personal Aircraft Council of the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce first aroused curiosity.

Army Demonstrates Equipment, Technique of Airborne Operations

Virtually all weapons used by ground forces, including bulldozers and heavy artillery, some modified to reduce weight and facilitate handling, expected to move by air in "blitz of tomorrow"; system may even be used against Germans and Japs if war lasts long enough.


Owm, Wpb Drop Reconversion to Meet Serious Lag in Production

Virtual moratorium declared in industrial demobilization program after Byrnes’ return from France where Army leaders convinced him of need for immediate intensification.

World Air Accord as Instrument for Peace Stressed at Chicago

Lines begin to form early in support of U. S. or British programs; need for immediate opening of international routes on defeat of Germany and Japan emphasized in Roosevelt message.




Hearings Open on Aa Application for San Francisco-l. A. Route

Inter-company agreements apparently abandoned as United, TWA and Western Air Lines seek to keep fourth line from sharing lucrative West Coast business.
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