September 2, 1968

Business Flying

Beech Model 99 Proves Stable, Versatile

Big 3 Carriers Seek New Traffic Sources


Test of Aircraft Location Technique to Use Ats-1 and 3

Business Flying

Beech Model 99 Proves Stable, Versatile

Quick-reacting aircraft operated in differing weather called good initial effort to meet needs of many commuter airlines


Big 3 Carriers Seek New Traffic Sources

New York-Sluggish personal travel growth this year on what amounts to a transcontinental shuttle operation has emphasized the need for the big three carriers —American, United and Trans World—to attract new, untapped non-business travel markets.


Test of Aircraft Location Technique to Use Ats-1 and 3

Schenectady, N.Y.-Feasibility of using satellites and VHF frequencies for automatic aircraft position fixing/ reporting will be evaluated this fall using the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s ATS-1 and ATS-3 satellites in tests by General Electric and NASA scientists.


Fx Proposal Requests Imminent

Air Force hopes for first aircraft flight in mid-1972 with a 1975 date set for initial operational capability
Czech Crisis Report

Csa Attempting to Continue Some International Services


Titanium Honeycomb Studied for Sst Use

Santa Ana, Calif.-Diffusion-bonded titanium honeycomb sandwich panels are being considered by Boeing Co. as a possible means of alleviating weight problems in the supersonic transport. The panels, developed by Stresskin Products Div. of Tool Research and Engineering Corp., are among many approaches being evaluated by Boeing, which has developmental contracts with companies throughout the U.S. in a broad effort to explore all potentially usable materials and manufacturing techniques (AW&ST July 29, pp. 11, 29).


Chaff Studied as Potential Turbulence Detection Aid

Seattle—United Air Lines is investigating the use of chaff, dropped from transports and detected by radar, as a possible early system for detection of clear air turbulence (CAT). United has awarded a grant to a University of Chicago scientist to pursue this method, which may offer advantages of immediate availability, simplicity and economy.


A View From the Board

(John H. Crooker, Jr., chairman of the Civil Aeronautics Board, outlined his views on steps which can he taken to relieve current airways and airport congestion at major U.S. airports, in a recent speech in Houston. His conclusions. which he states arc not all-inclusive, follow.—Ed.) First, with respect to congressional action, the Congress is to be commended for providing the funds for some 1,900 or so additional air traffic controllers to man the system....
Air Transport

Aeroflot Holds Early Traffic Lead in U.s.-ussr Service

New York-Aeroflot holds an edge over Pan American World Airways in passenger loads during the early phase of the New York-Moscow service, but executives of both carriers say the volume of travel is satisfactory. The imbalance in their loads reflects, in part, the fact that Pan American and the Soviet airline are not operating in a pool.


Proposal Request Expected Soon on Satcom for Strategic System

Washington-Defense Dept, expects to request proposals within approximately a month for the satellite segment of a new strategic communications system targeted for operational status by late 1970 (AW&ST June 24, p. 26). This will consist of three or four synchronous orbiting satellites plus backups.

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