February 24, 1969

Helmet-mounted Display Interest Revives

Space Technology

Quick Saturn 5 Fixes Aid Apollo

Air Transport

Boeing Designs Aircraft to Challenge Airbuses


Helmet-mounted Display Interest Revives

Los Angeles-Military services are showing renewed interest in mounting displays on a pilot’s helmet as a simple way of presenting real-time infrared, radar or low-light-level television imagery to crewmen of helicopters and fighter aircraft.

Space Technology

Quick Saturn 5 Fixes Aid Apollo

NASA cites capability of technical teams in solving launch vehicle problems to keep lunar mission program on schedule

Air Transport

Boeing Designs Aircraft to Challenge Airbuses

Los Angeles-Boeing Co. has begun discussions with airlines on a 767 family of transport aircraft smaller than the Lockheed L-1011 and McDonnell Douglas DC-10 airbuses but retaining a wide body fuselage with a double-aisle seating arrangement for use in the 1970s.

Business Flying

Nasa Testing Variable-stability Pa-30

Edwards AFB, Calif.-National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s growing research effort in the general aviation field will include flight tests beginning later this year with a variable-stability aircraft. The variable-stability aircraft, a modified Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche, will be used to study types of hardware and system concepts which could be expected to be flying on general aviation aircraft i the 1980s.


Effort to Cut Comsat's Powers Foreseen

Air Transport

U. S. Rift Cools Airline Expansion in Peru

Carriers planning growth cautiously, watch uncertain economy as dispute intensifies between U.S. and Peruvian governments


Combat Agility Marks F-14 Design Concept

Bethpage, N. Y.-Navy/Grumman F14A design has thrust-to-weight ratio of slightly greater than one aimed at giving it combat mastery over new Russian fighters. The F-14A also is expected to exceed the Foxbat in roll-rate capability, another key combat performance parameter.

Aeronautical Engineering

Kaman Aims New Helicopters at Military

Bloomfield, Conn.-Development work on new helicopters designed to meet requirements of all three military services and possibly permit an entry into the commercial market is under way here at Kaman Aircraft Div. of Kaman Corp. These include:


Letters to the Editor

If it were not for the extreme seriousness of the situation, the reaction of the U.S. Congress, the State Dept, and of many other officials to the hijackings of U.S. certificated carriers to Cuba could be considered comical, indeed. The pages of the Congressional Record have carried many statements by Congressmen who seek to cure the situation by interposing bullet-proof doors between the flight deck and the passenger compartment, some of them going so far as to specify the type of bullet that the structure should be able to resist.
Space Technology

Nasa Aims at 100-man Station

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